low tone beeper collars
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21 Nov 2010 06:29 AM

    I am planning a trip to Kansas in a couple of weeks and am looking into low tone beeper collars. I have used the tritronics add-on hawk scream beeper for years and it's worked great but I really struggle hearing it do to my high frequency hearing loss. There are only a few lower tone beeper collars on the market today that I know of (Lovett's and DT's). Does anyone have experience with these and would you recommend them? Also does anyone know of a website that allows you to listen to the beeper tones? I knew of one years ago but can't seem to locate it now.

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    22 Nov 2010 05:36 AM
    Skeet, welcome to the forum. I've heard of several people talking about the very issue that you struggle with. I know that several of them have switched to the DT. I don't know of a website that could help you. I would suggest that you try a big box retailer (Cabelas, Bass Pro, Sportsmans Warehouse, etc.) and go to their dog area and try out the collars that they have. I believe that they would be able to pull one out of the box and let you listen to the tones.
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