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05 Mar 2010 09:57 AM

    Hey everyone! We all take the time to train our dogs, and do what is necessary to help our dogs in every way right? How many people overlook what they feed their dogs though? I thought long ago if I bought a brand name bag, my dog would be getting good food right? WRONG! Price isn't always relevant either. I figured if I am going to spend a lot of money on my dog, I want him to live as long as possible. Guys, please.... get educated about dog food, or I will try and help you too. I am not a food representative. I can give unbiased opinions. If you want help, you can start by looking at DOGFOODANALYSIS.COM for beginners. Just remember large breeds, and puppies have different nutritional needs with protein, calcium, calories, fat, etc..... I can really get into this topic, so let me hear from you, or research your dog food, especially its ingredients. You may be giving your dog something that creates allergies, or..... worse, you could be giving them a toxic pesticide that is allowable in some foods, to preseve the fat from getting rancid. It is in most foods! 

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    Jake, welcome to the forum! I like your passion and agree with your ideals. What do you feed your dog? Why? Feel free to post away both here and on any other topic on the forum. It's nice to have you around.
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    Dog food is a huge thing everyone has their own ideas on it. I sold it and still just don't know. But I have a theory feed what you can afford and the dog does good on. A guy said once that if you mixed horse crap, anything dead, and grass up a dog would love it.
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