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02 Oct 2009 03:56 AM

    Just returned m a Grouse Hunt in UP of Mich and stopped by Mongenes Hunting Preserve in Dafter MI.  If you are looking for really good put and take this is it!!!!!!!  Great people and beautiful hunting grounds very well laid out.  You won't go wrong here.

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    02 Oct 2009 08:20 AM
    Sounds like you had some fun. How were the grouse in the UP?
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    06 Oct 2009 05:17 AM

    Grouse numbers were a little lower than last year in the area we hunted.  But, there are plenty enough to keep your attention.  About 1.6 flushes per hour. 

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    09 Oct 2009 09:45 PM

    I went Quail hunting Thursday Morning. The first place I hunted Tony was working hard. I figured he had pheasant in front of him that was running. We got the end of the bushy cover and Tony came busting out ran around to the very end and went to go back in. He did not make it, the bush erupted with about a dozen pheasant roosters and as many hens. Tony just stood there and watched them fly away. Then it dawned on me, I shot in the air on a late flushing rooster. Season on them opens here on the 24th. But not one Quail. On the way out, we got the road and Tony was on point at the edge, I took one step toward him and a Rooster flushed. I fired in the air again, Tony waited for the bird to drop. I think he is use to me missing. Then he came to me and we went to the SUV.

    We went to spot 2 this is a small bushy area, I have been playing with some Quail here all season. The wind was wrong way, it was on our backs, but nothing I could do about it. We hunted about 2/3's of it and Tony went past this big bush then spun around and went on point. I walked in and as I about half up the outside of the bush walking in the weeds. The bush erupted, 20-30 Quail flushed and went in every direction. I did not get a shot at one of them. Tony went a few feet and point, As I got near a Quail flushed, I dropped him, then 2 more flushed as I was reloading my O/U. Tony made the retrieve. We flushed a few more but there always a bush in the way of my shot if I had taken it.

    Last night Tony went to bed at 9:00 as always and I went in to do my work-out. I came out at 9:30 and Shirl, Said "Tony is just as content as he can be tonight." I replied, "If you had the day he had with the birds, you would be content too." .......Bob

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    12 Oct 2009 05:53 AM

    Thanks for sharing.  Anyone that hunts with a four legged partner has to have a warm feeling  reading it.