Pheasant Hunting & Dog Safety in SD?
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24 Sep 2010 08:45 AM

     Hi everyone,

    Okay, so normally I am chasing ruffs and woodcock in the woods right about now. But this year I have planned a trip to head to SD for pheasants and maybe sharptails/chickens/quail if I can while I am out there for 4 days. We are leaving Oct 8-12 and I have a bit of a question (we will be hunting in Rosebud lands, hence why we will be hunting before residential opener, they open a week early and non-residents can hunt that weekend versus the second weekend).

    Out of all the times people have gone out to SD bird hunting, how is the danger with rattlesnakes during that time? I'm taking my two Master Hunters which finished a few weekends ago and I have invested a lot of time, money, etc. to get them those titles and get them to where they are now. They both have health clearances, etc. because both are going to be used at stud now in the winter and one already has quite a few breedings lined up for 2011. 

    I guess you could say I'm asking about the dangers of snakes. I am debating "collecting" and "freezing" one or both dogs before the trip in case one of them gets bitten and I can't save them in time, or if one/both get severely injured while out on the prairie. Call me a little pessimistic (and possibly selfish?), but I'm just looking out for future interests and planning ahead.


    So, with all that said... has anyone ever had an issue? Thanks in advance.

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    24 Sep 2010 10:50 AM

    Pheasant does not open in South Dakota til Oct 16th.

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    24 Sep 2010 10:53 AM

    Sorry did not read the full post.