How To Choose a Red Dot Sight For My Ruger 22/45 Target Pistol?
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01 Jan 2014 08:26 PM

    I have a Ruger 22/45 pistol, and now I want to get a red dot sight for my pistol, but I have no ideal how to choose a suitbale sight? I got two models of red dot sight, but which one is better?

    The one is Holographic Red Dot Sight, which is perfect for agencies image that want the best in CQB speed and versatility, without the need for night vision compatibility. The red dot sight enhances target acquisition, improves accuracy, and provides more control over your shooting environment. And the other one is Reflex red dot sight, which is ergonomically designed to create a lightweight, yet accurate, sight while maintaining all-important peripheral and depth perception while shooting. 
    Can you give me some suggestions or if you have any better red dot sight, pls recommend to me. Thanks.