Metal 12x45 Military Binoculars Discount For Sale
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    Prismatic binoculars with central focusing BPC 12x45.  The BPC’s 12x45 are central focusing military binoculars intended for viewing at medium distances.  "BAIGISH" is designed for observation of distant objects at a temperature of -40 to +50°C. The binoculars come with antireflection or "ruby" coating of optics, the latter creating comfortable conditions while viewing objects in the dusk.  It's improved viewing in low light and dusk conditions.  Two light filters appended to the binoculars increase the image contrast when using the binoculars under adverse conditions. This binoculars have the large diopter setting range, are supplied special covers for eyepieces and objective lens.  The bread and butter line of medium magnification binoculars, the mid-range BPC mid-mag line gives you all the functionality more than what you expect all at such price.  Prismatic binocular with reticle in outstanding optical quality.