Need help understanding the laws here in Illinois
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10 Oct 2009 10:53 PM

    Ok i just moved here(illinois) from Ohio several months ago. I have been a hunter for 16 yrs now and i love the outdoors. My wife took a job downtown(chicago) and maybe i should have researched the hunting laws before i agreed to move here. I know this is not a political site and i will not mention any parties but i really need to vent. I need for someone to explain to me how the laws for hunting in Illinois are benefical because from what i read it sounds like a big freaking scam that might end my joy for hunting. Is there anyway to hunt without taking out a small loan? I'm from a state where you bought a license and went hunting don't have to pay for every bird or duck you shoot. i find it mind blowing that if i want to hunt on dnr sites i have to enter a raffle just for the chance to hunt and then if i can hunt i have to pay them another fee outside of my license fee to shoot a pheasant. Someone please correct me if i am mistaken or i'm not understanding something b/c i am praying that this is all one big mix up on my part. 

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    12 Oct 2009 06:54 PM

    well niner, your pretty well screwed in this state!  I've lived here for most of my life and it's always been the same.  There are wild birds around but, noone will ever tell you where to hunt them.  So now you are forced to pay for birds or try to draw on.  If you have any more questions feel free to send me a message and Ill help you out as much as I can.


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