classic book on grouse & woodcock hunting by Don L. Johnson
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    Years ago, I inherited a box of unsold copies a book written by my late father, Don L. Johnson, titled Grouse & Woodcock: A Gunner's Guide. Don L. Johnson had a long career as one of Wisconsin's best-known outdoor writers. The book received excellent reviews in the hunting press when it was published in 1995, but has long been out of print. I would like to get these books into the right hands. It is a trade-paperback size book (9x6-inch), 220 pages, with many photos. Chapter titles are: Meet the Drummer, Habitats and Lifestyles, The Wonderful Woodcock, Friends Afield, Thoughts on Dogs, Guns and Gunning, Odds and Ends.

    You can buy a single copy for $20, which includes delivery by U.S. Postal Service (media mail rate), from me at this address:

    D. D. Johnson
    9706 24th Avenue
    Adelphi, Maryland 20783

    (I prefer a personal check or money order, but if you prefer PayPal, let me know and I will email to you a request for payment through the PayPal site.)

    To read more about Don L. Johnson, see the Wikipedia profile here.

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    I'm interested can you show me a pic of the cover?
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