North Dakota Hunting Partner
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01 Aug 2010 11:06 AM

    I have been going up to North Dakota now since the 80's. However all of the guys that used to go have stopped. So I am looking for someone to go along on this years trip. I like to hunt upland birds and mix in a little waterfowl.
    I am 51 and I am not a kill them all type hunter. I can't walk all day like I used to. I can just travel the back roads up there and spot hunt all day just seeing the sights and be very happy. I also raise Small Munsterlander Pointers and will be taking two dogs to hunt over along with a few waterfowl decoys.
    I would expext you to pay your share of the travel cost along with your room and license. I usually hunt the North Western part of the state around Kenmare. I always get into my share of birds.
    So if your interested drop me a line at