American axes
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18 Feb 2012 07:06 PM

    I have been wanting a quality vintage axe for some time, but never found the quality/price combination I needed to make me want to buy. Well today while rumaging through a used goods store I found a Kelly Axe and Tool Company axe made between 1904 and 1924 with good handle for 10 dollars. It was marked for $15, but the guy must of thought I was an idiot for buying an axe and felt compassion on me. He said he would take ten without me even asking him to lower the price. In case anyone is worried I may be plannning to cut my own fire wood with the axe, you can relax, I used an axe enough when I was young to know the proper place for an axe is on the wall, next to your antique SxS. Anyone else collect old tools?