Lookin for bird land and partner in Central Velly
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RyanUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:1 Ryan
20 Dec 2010 05:23 PM

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some land to hunt quail, grouse, dove, etc. in the central valley. I got a few buddies that hunt with me but they're all a bunch of girls so if anyone wants to hit me up and go kill some birds let me know.

    PorknbeansUser is Offline Master Hunter Master Hunter Send Private Message Posts:542 Porknbeans
    21 Dec 2010 09:16 AM
    Ryan great to hear from you. Which "Central Valley"? The one in Washington, California, Texas, Wisconsin, etc? With a little more help we might be able to give you some better direction.
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