GSP gets to HOT to handle
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19 Oct 2009 03:39 PM

    I have a 1 ½ year old female GSP. Lately she has been busting birds out of range. The problem is that when we are out hunting and she gets hot on the trail of a pheasant she sticks her nose to the ground and kicks into overdrive. Next thing you know she is out of range and up goes the bird and the chase is on (the chase is a different issue which I plan on working when I can find some pigeons, been looking for over a year and still haven’t found any). When she is not hot she stays close enough and I can usually control her. I know with a pointer you should be able to let them roam out but she gets moving to fast. One of my problem is I don’t know if she is chasing a running pheasant or just hot on a trail. I don’t have an issue with her holding point when she points. It’s just the pointing doesn’t start to happen until later after she has calmed down. To save money on gas this year I’m doing more hunting on the west side of Washington where they have a release program. If you ever hunting one you know most of the shooting is done in the first 20 minutes, which isn't enough time for her to calm down. After that is when you actually have to work at it. If anyone has a solution to my issue please let me know.

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    19 Oct 2009 04:25 PM
    Try running her before you hunt if you can. She is still young and will calm down in like 10 years just kidding around 2 1/2 most of my shorthairs mellow out. Sounds like she has alot of drive but for now don't shoot birds if they are not pointed that might help but if she's out of range I guess it don't matter. The other is whoa breaking her and I'd do it with a whistle so you can stop her when she's burning up the ground. Pheasants can be tricky on a pointing dog so it might not just be her and some lines of shorthairs are to fast and snappy to run on pheasants. Look on craigs list for pigeons sometimes on there around tri-cities bobwhite quail work great to and are alot cheaper then most birds. I'm sure your going to get all kinds of help on this so good luck and please keep us posted.
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