German Shorthaired Pointers for Sale
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    German Shorthaired Pointer Pups for Sale

    We have 3 puppies available from our litter.

    These puppies, with a little bit of training have the breeding to become "High Performance Hunting Machines."

    Here is a little bit about the parents of the puppies:

               Joan’s Sweet Three Spot SpotAKC OFA whelped 8/2002. 20”at the shoulder, 45 Lbs 

                       Sire: VC Shooting Starr’s Heir Jordan MH 

             Dam: Woodruff Road Kennels’ Shotgun Joe’s  Feasant Thumper
    Spot was the third pup born from our first litter from Shotgun Joe’s Feasant Thumper. Spot has been hunting since 16 weeks of age. Spot is steady to wing and shot, retrieves on command and is unafraid of water. We have shot more than 1100 birds over her. We hunt both upland game and waterfowl with this dog.  She is a determined hunter and wonderful family companion. She is an intense hunter, with a high level of natural instinct  
    VC Shooting Starr’s General Milo MH ‘Milo’ AKC OFA whelped 3/2003. 24” shoulder, 65 Lbs
    Sire: VC Shooting Starr’s Heir Jordan MH
    Dam: Shooting Starr’s Wyld Wind MH
    Milo is an outstanding German shorthaired pointer, as his accomplishments prove, Milo is a NAVHDA Versatile Champion and an AKC Master Hunter. Milo is a tenacious predator in the field; he has excelled at pursuing grouse, pheasant, quail, ducks, Huns, and sharptails. Milo has a strong natural retrieve instinct and loves to pursue ducks in the water and is a very strong swimmer. He’s as much at home in the duck blind as he is in the upland fields or in the grouse woods, a truly versatile dog. He is also a well-mannered family pet and is very calm in the house. He is always eager to please, a quick learner, and easy to train. It is our goal to only breed the best and we believe Milo is one of the best.


    Litter whelped July 12, 2009  3 Puppies Available September 10, 2009.  


    All documentation available upon request.  References available.   414-232-9567




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    Looks like a great litter. Good luck.
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