German Shorthair Pointer For sale 2yrs old
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29 Nov 2009 03:16 PM

    Hello everyone, im new here just wanted to let you all know i have a 2 year old male German Shorthair pointer for sale (male) neutered and ready to hunt. I  took him out a few times already this year and he is great responds to whistling and always stays ahead of hunter never runs away.

    I have all his paperwork hes originally from a Nebraska hunting breeder ,i have  records of lineage  all doctors shots and neutering records.

    Unfortunately i live in a populated area and he does not get along well with my other dog as i had hoped he would when i got him, you are welcome to come see him i am located in Queens NY email me for more info or call me 516-741-0028.

    He is liver and white excellent health and ready to Hunt! i cannot keep him anymore wife is driving me crazy to get rid of him.

    First $1000.00 takes him Thanks!!