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Whistle training whoa command
Last Post 19 Oct 2009 09:44 PM by Bob. 1 Replies.
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TroyUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:13 Troy
19 Oct 2009 03:04 PM

    Could someone please give me their opinion on the best approach to train the whoa command using the whistle?  I have a 1 ½ year old female GSP.  She was taught the voice whoa command off the heal command.  It worked well and I don’t have a problem with her when she is close.  I want to incorporate the whistle for times when she is out in the field.  I want to use a long blast of the whistle, one and two short blasts are already being used by different commands.  I’m thinking of two different methods but wanted to see what others thought.  The first method would be to have her go on a retrieve, blow the whistle and stop her using a line on the way to the object.  The other would be to let her roam out in the field, blow the whistle and follow it up with the whoa command.  Teaching her to whoa with the whistle off the heal command like I did with the voice command just seems a little weird (to loud for her being right next to me).  Any advice would be appreciated.

    BobUser is Offline Master Hunter Master Hunter Send Private Message Posts:550 Bob
    19 Oct 2009 09:44 PM
    The way I taught Tony was, I would first give the voice command, followed by the whistle. I did that a few times, then just the whistle, when he didn't stop. I would voice it and blow the whistle again. It did not take long for him to get the message. You have the battle half won you got him stopping on voice, which should help. I taught him the voice and whistle at the same time I taught him "whoa"......Bob
    My Dog And I Are A Team. We Practice Every Day. I Always Trust Tony, He Knows More Than I do.
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