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AKC Fox Red Labrador Upcoming litter 2011
Last Post 13 Apr 2011 04:01 PM by Scatter_Creek_Labradors. 0 Replies.
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Scatter_Creek_LabradorsUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:2 Scatter_Creek_Labradors
13 Apr 2011 04:01 PM




    DUE JUNE 4TH 2011




    These Puppies will have potential to be show quality and also have the ability to hunt. 


    We expose out puppies to bird feathers and water at the age of 6 weeks. We also provide weekly You-Tube Videos so you can watch your puppy grow from the time they're born. 


    Oakdale's Hot N' Tangy "Tanner"


    Tanner is owned by Elkens Labradors, located in California. We're honored to be able to use him as a stud with our girl Kandi. Tanner has produced outstanding dark puppies. Most of his puppies have been sold in high demand all across the US and over seas as well. Tanner has an amazing calm personality. He has everything you'd want in a family companion along with providing a great look for the show rings. 


    Tanner's Clearances: OFA Hips-Good Elbows-Normal PRA Clear


    Scatter Creek's "Kandi"


    Kandi is an amazing girl. She is 1/2 English and 1/2 American to provide both the calm personality along with the hunting drive. She is always eager to please her owner, is very intelligent and is a great house dog. She's the light of our life. 


    Kandi's Clearances: OFA Hips-Good; Elbows-Normal PRA- Clear; EIC and CNM- Clear

    This will be an Incredible breeding as they'll be perfectly suited for both the show rings or field trial/hunting companion and of course, mostly importantly, these puppies will make Great family Companions too.

    360 736-2125

    Tags: Fox Red Labrador; Puppies; Labrador
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