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Last Post 13 Dec 2011 11:09 PM by Highway Ends Kennel. 0 Replies.
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Highway Ends KennelUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:3 Highway Ends Kennel
13 Dec 2011 11:09 PM

    Hi, my name is Brian Cluff and I am passionate about my bird dogs.  I raise and train German Shorthairs and English Pointers as a hobby.   I am not a dog breeder.  I have however gone to great lengths to find dogs with the right bloodlines and qualities from across the nation.  The qualities that I think are important for a dog to have and be able to develop are bidability, an awesome nose, style, stamina, and a willingness to retrieve.   Occasionally I will have finished dogs for sale as I bring in new pups and try out different bloodlines.


     I bought Duke as a puppy from Matt Tanner of Tanner's Kennel in Tucson, AZ. Duke was the pick of the litter and has turned out to be a very stylish and classy gundog. He is a Honky Tonk Attitude grandson and has a strong influence of Elhew Strike on his dams side. He is a natural retriever and has a cannon for a nose!! He also has some of the HTA style and head crank!! Duke has been hunted for two seasons on Gambles, Scaled, and Mearns quail. He has also been used on preserve guided hunts for Chuckar, Bobwhite and Pheasants. This dog loves to retrieve and has a soft mouth. He will adjust to the cover your in and hunts anywhere from 50-150 yds out. He will range further however if you allow him to. Duke is a beautiful dog to watch in the field. He has a solid white body and a perfect mask. This really makes him stand out while hunting or in field trials. He is a very muscular and athletic dog. He is not however hard headed as some of the more powerful dogs can be. He is eager to please, and would rather hunt birds than anything else!! He'll be 3-years old in January and is just starting to hit his stride!! Duke's sire "Angel's High Moon" was a 6X CH 2X Regional CH in NSTRA and one of the top dogs in the Arizona region.   Price $2,300.  I will consider a full or partial trade for a light field model 20 Ga. O/U, preferably a Browning, Berreta, or Yildz in good or very good condition.  Willing to meet part way to deliver.  You can reach me at (928)792-3301 or send an email to . If I don't answer leave a message and I'll call you back after work. 

    Duke has an Awesome Pedigree. His Grandsire is CH "Honky Tonk Attitude". His dam had "Elhew Strike" 5 times in four generations. Clink on link below to view four generation pedigree.

    Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting to you and your dogs!

    Brian Cluff
    Safford, AZ
    Highway Ends Kennel

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