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Kansas Pheasant Hunting News

Bad Year For Pheasants In Kansas
Three years of droughts have taken a toll on hunting across the country.In Kansas, it’s been a bad y...
Kansas Pheasant Hunter Honors Father
As we all know, hunting is a family tradition. It gives fathers an opportunity to connect with their...
Kansas Seeing Low Pheasant Numbers In 2013
This year has not been good for pheasant numbers.States and counties all over the Midwest and West h...
With Conditions Down in Kansas, Hunters Still Enjoy Pheasant Hunting with Friends and Family
Leave it to the kids to keep the spirits up during the recent opening of the Kansas pheasant hunting...
Pheasant Hunting Difficult Early in Kansas
Early word out of Kansas is the pheasant hunting has been difficult.
The Kansas Pheasant Season is Open for 2012-2013
The annual Kansas pheasant season is open and things are looking to be just okay at best.
Pheasant Numbers are Down in Kansas But Hunters Remain Optimistic
The drought had a big impact on the Kansas birds this summer.
Kansas City Hosting 2012 Pheasant Fest
For the first time, the nation's biggest event for pheasant and quail hunters and bird dog enthusias...
Kansas Ringneck Classic A Big Success
Kansas Sam Governor Brownback hosted the inaugural Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic on Nov. 18-20 ...
Numbers Down For 2011 Kansas Pheasant Opener

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Directory By City

Arcadia, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Ashland, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Atwood, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Baldwin City, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Barnard, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Baxter Springs, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Beloit, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Brownell, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Burlingame, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Chanute, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Collyer, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Columbus, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Concordia, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Cuba, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Delia, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Dighton, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Dodge City, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Downs, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Edson, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Emporia, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Esbon, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Fall River, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Fort Scott, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Fowler, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Glen Elder, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Goodland, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Great Bend, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Halstead , KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Hanston, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Humboldt, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Jamestown, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Junction City, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Kingman, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Kismet, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Larned, KS Pheasant Hunting (3)
Lyons, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Manhattan, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Mankato, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
McLouth, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Meriden, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Montezuma, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Norton, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Oberlin, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Paola, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Pratt, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Pretty Prairie , KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Russell, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Santana, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Smolan, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Sublette, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Sylvan Grove, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Syracuse, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Tipton, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Topeka, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Toronto, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Tribune, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Valley Falls, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
WaKeeney, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Waldo, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Wichita, KS Pheasant Hunting (2)
Winfield, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)
Winona, KS Pheasant Hunting (1)

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Pictures

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New Member from NE Kansas
Posted On: 12 Dec 2010 05:18 PM
Posted by: Trini
2010 pheasant hunt
Posted On: 18 Mar 2010 06:28 AM
Posted by: turbo
Anywhere in eastern half of kansas....
Posted On: 29 Nov 2009 06:24 AM
Posted by: grouchyolddude
New to this board
Posted On: 10 Nov 2009 08:12 AM
Posted by: Shotgun Kennel
Welcome to Kansas' Hunting Forum
Posted On: 01 Jul 2009 01:18 PM
Posted by: HuntingNut

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Preserves From

Kansas boasts some of the best pheasant hunting and quail Hunting in the world. In addition to the quality pheasant hunting, Kansas also has one of the largest populations of prairie chickens in the US. Bobwhite quail still thrive throughout much of the state, and in the far southwest corner, scaled quail can be found. Although not native, the ring-necked pheasant has become a fixture to much of the Kansas landscape.

This variety and abundance of opportunities has made Kansas one of the more popular destinations among upland bird hunters worldwide. All upland bird populations fluctuate annually according to weather and habitat conditions.

Arguably Kansas’ top draw, the ring-necked pheasant was introduced in the state in 1906. Since then, it has become a symbol of upland bird hunting in Kansas. Annual pheasant harvests are usually within the top three states in the nation. Pheasants are found in all parts of the state except the southeast. Traditionally, the best hunting is found in the northcentral and northwest regions, with the southwest coming in a close third. Other regions can have locally good pheasant numbers, and often provide good pheasant and quail combination hunting opportunities.

2012 Kansas Pheasant Hunting Outlook

Kansas is right in the middle of the plains drought this summer. There have been reports of extreme heat and difficulties all summer and things appear to be getting worse. The fall season can’t come fast enough in this part of the country.

The last two seasons have been great for the Jayhawks, though, and even with the heat this should be another good one and possible one for the record books. The mild winter combined with a pretty good spring in terms of weather should lead to a strong pheasant population.

There are reports in some areas of the state where populations are down a bit. The hunting won’t be good throughout the state, but on average should be another good year.

Season Dates: November 10th, 2012 through January 31st, 2013

Daily Bag Limit: 4

Kansas Featured Hunt Destination

View All Listings Featured Destination Innovative Outfitters
1653 140th Avenue
Larned, KS 67550
Welcome to Innovative Outfitters. We are located in Central Kansas and operate on over 30,000 acres of corn, milo, CRP, wheat stubble , alfalfa, river bottoms, and pasture ground. Our land holds an abundance of wildlife including Trophy Whitetail, Rio Grande Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, and Waterfowl. We hold over 1.5 million geese, and ducks around our area during the season. Outfitters Justin Hammond, Jordan Schartz, Cody Tutak and Ryan Gardner were all born and raised in Central Kansas. Read more about Innovative Outfitters

Kansas Pheasant Hunting Preserves


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Cocklebur Creek Hunting Service

1456 O RD
Larned, KS 67550
With over 15,000+ acres of private land including corn and milo stalks, wheat stubble, and native grasslands, Cocklebur Creek Hunting Service is great for a hunting event. It also has 4.5 miles of creek/river bottom land that is ideal for the perfect deer and/or turkey hunt. Our goal is to create and maintain adequate and comfortable wildlife habitat. We also goal for a controll access to accommodate a better yet affordable huntin experience. At Cocklebur Creek, we enable hunters to fulfill

Greypointe Kennels

22648 Hatchell Rd
Larned, KS 67550
Located in northeast Kansas, some 25 miles west of Kansas City, we have ample land and birds to develop and polish our field trial and hunting dogs in order to compete at the championship level.Bird hunting lore for most species of North American game birds including various species of quail, pheasants, sharptails and prairie chickens, ruff and blue grouse, woodcock and Hungarian Partridg.Greypointe pointers are hunted during the season to not only keep them sharp but to assure that they are