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Bird Dog Challenges & Field Trials

Bird Dog Field trials are a great way to give the hunter and dog some off-season action. There is a field trial for almost every breed & ability - from puppy to seasoned professional - pointer or flusher. Many orginizations put on field trials each year. Follow the links to the left to learn about some of the different field trials and challenges that exist. Bird dog field trials run through out the year all accross the country.

Bird Dog Trials are a great way to keep you dog in shape in the off seasonContestant and dog at the start of a field trial in Wisconsin

If you run a field trial or bird dog challange and would like to get listed on our website please contact us.

If you would like to view some images of some great bird dogs in action please click on the images below to view our bird dog picture gallery:



Bird Dog Trial Gallery

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Top Gun Flusher Winners-2/19/2007
Puppy Pointer Winners-1/15/2007
Open Pointer Winners-2/19/2007
Amateur Pointer Winner-1/15/07
Hunter's Park Top Gun Flusher Winners-12/13/2006
Open Pointer Winners-1/15/2007
Hunter's Park Clubhouse
Amateur Pointer Winners-2/19/2007
Hunter's Park Amateur Flusher Winners-2006-'07
Top Gun Flusher Winners-2/19/2007
Hunter's Park Amateur Pointer Winners-2006-'07
Open Flusher Winners 1/15/2007
Puppy Flusher Winners-1/15/2007
Amateur Flusher Winners-2/19/07
Little Creek Field
Puppy Flusher Winners-2/19/2007
Hunter's Park Open Flusher Winners-12/13/06
Amateur Flusher Winners-1/15/07
Hunter's Park Open Pointer Winners-12/13/06
Little Creek Lodge
Hunter's Park Entrance
Hunter's Park Top Gun Pointer Trophies
Hunter's Park Puppy Flusher Winners-12/13/2006
Top Gun Pointer Winners-2/19/2007
Little Creek
Puppy Pointer Winners-2/19/2007
Little Creek Trophies
Hunter's Park Puppy Pointer Winners-12/13/2006

Upload Your Own Upland Hunting Photos Upload Your Own Bird Dog Trial Pictures
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