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Taking a Kid Hunting the First Time

Nothing is better than passing on a true tradition and hunting has been a tradition for many friends and families for hundreds of years. As we all know, though, hunting is always under ridicule. So there is no better way to pass on our tradition than through our kids, whether our own or someone else’s. There are a few things that we need to do before we hit the woods with our young pupils.

At the range or in the field taking a kd hunting should be fun and about them. This way they will want to go again, and we are passing on a great tradition.- Picture By John SimeonieThe first and most important thing to do is make sure you are creating a safe hunter. A safety class is required and for good reason. Since I have 5 kids myself, I’ve taken the class more than once. It never hurts us adults to take the class along with the kids.

Take the kids to a range to let them shoot. Start them out with small guns that fit them. The range is a good place to practice safety, also.

Make sure the kids have good boots and clothing. It isn’t any fun to be out on a hunt if the kids are frozen or wet.

Talk with the kids during the hunt, whether it’s for big or small game. They learn a lot this way.

Remember, kids are like puppies. They have a short attention span, so make the hunt fun but sometimes short.

I know this one won’t appeal to some, but leave your gun at home. This way you can help your new hunting partner. You can’t help very well if you’re doing all of the shooting.

Make sure that you are passing on good hunting ethics to your pupils. We wouldn’t want them getting the wrong ideas.

To sum it up, taking a kid hunting should be fun and about them. This way they will want to go again, and we are passing on a great tradition.

By Ed Hall Professional Dog Trainer And Hunting Dad
Picture By John Simone