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Lifetime fishing, hunting licenses offered

YORK, Maine - Lifetime hunting and fishing licenses are available for youngsters 5 and under and senior citizens 65 and older, according to state Reps. Sarah Lewin of Eliot, David Ott of York, and Richard Brown of South Berwick.
This investment in a lifetime license will allow the holder to fish and/or hunt for his or her entire life at a reduced cost regardless of any future change in residency.

Furthermore, the revenues generated by the sale of these licenses will be deposited in a special trust fund that will provide long-term financial support for Maine’s fish and wildlife.

"Now is a good time to buy your child or grandchild a lifetime license," the representatives said in a joint press release. "They will never have to purchase another one for the rest of their life. That’s a tremendous bargain."

Under current law, a lifetime license issued to a child under 6 will allow hunting from age 10 through 15. At that time, the license holder will then complete a hunter-education course and exchange the license for a new lifetime adult hunting license.

The cost for either a hunting, fishing or archery license for those 5 and under is $150. For a combination license to hunt and fish, the cost is $250. A fishing, hunting and archery license combined is $400.

A junior resident license is also available for residents from 6 to 15 years of age. The fee for a junior resident lifetime fishing or hunting license is $300. A combination license for a junior resident to hunt and fish is $500. The cost of the junior resident lifetime combination fishing, hunting and archery license is $800.

The fee for the senior resident lifetime license is $50 for a person who purchases the license in the year in which that person turns 65, $40 for a person who purchases the license in the year in which that person turns 66, $30 for a person who purchases the license in the year in which that person turns 67, and so on.

For a person 70 or older, the cost is $8 for each license. Combination lifetime licenses for fishing and hunting or fishing, hunting and archery are slightly more for each age.

Applications may be obtained through the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife home page,

For more information, call the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at (207) 287-8000.

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