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Hunting game gives a byte of reality

DeWayne Smith
Special for The Republic
Jun. 3, 2004 12:00 AM

Action computer games are pretty common, but few include hunting and survival situations in which the player relies on his or her marksmanship, outdoor savvy and ability to defend against predators, all while discovering hidden treasure and escaping dangerous situations in the wild.

The Hunter Dan Bowfishing Survival Gauntlet video game, which should be in stores later this summer, takes players through tropical islands and the Amazon jungle, where they encounter a host of outdoor challenges.

"This isn't just another shoot-all-you-can type of game," said Todd Farris, director of operations for Hunter Dan, manufacturer of outdoor action figures such as Hunter Dan and Hunter Ann. "You must survive intelligently to escape extreme wilderness situations using your gear and your imagination."

According to Farris, the game, which carries the slogan "Survive Or Be Eaten Alive," is an attempt to instill interest in outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing and survival techniques.

"We've designed a number of ethical challenges into the game where kids, as well as adults, get safely chased by angry headhunters, tiger sharks, slithering reptiles, hungry gators and all kinds of scary creatures with big teeth," Farris said.

Although the game is geared toward kids, adults are expected to enjoy it.

"Sixty percent of Americans 5 to 55 years old play computer games, but the number goes up to 80 percent for males who are in the 5- to 20-year-old age bracket," Farris said. "This will surely whet their appetite for the real thing outdoors."

The game has nine levels, with a bowhunter taking aim at a host of underwater creatures, including tuna, shark and grouper. The angle is from the bowhunter's 3-D perspective as he draws a bead on the fish shown under water. Lake or ocean shorelines and bottoms, trees and vegetation also are evident.

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