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Pheasant Hunting and Sporting Clays News is your online source for hunting & shooting news. All of our news is organized by US state to make it easy for you to quickly find the Pheasant Hunting News that is of interest to you! Click on the link below to browse your states upland hunting news or use the search box above! If you have a hunting story you would like to submit please use this link:


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Lily Raff McCaulou was just like other city dwellers from Washington D.C. She grew up watching news reports about gun violence in the city and in locations across the world. Guns were dangerous and there was no way she would ever look at things any differently.

McCaulou was also an anti-hunter. She grew up thinking that hunters were bloodthirsty and only active in hunting for the sport of killing.

Maybe you someone like Lily Raff McCaulou. You’ve probably even had a few arguments with folks like her. She was about as far removed from the hunting lifestyle as one could be until her writing job took her to the outskirts of the Oregon.

Lily Raff McCaulou turned her story into a memoir that is available for purchase. Call of the Mild is the title of the book and it recaps Lily’s life as a born again hunter.

In a story recapping her change of heart - Hunting Your Own Dinner - Lily describes the change living in Oregon had on her personal view of hunters and hunting.

She became interested in hunting after learning that nearly everyone in the area she was living hunted. They were nice people and caring of the animals and the environment.

Soon Lily was taking hunters safety courses. She learned about guns and hunting and went on her first hunting trip with a group of friends. Soon she found herself looking down the barrel of a shotgun as she harvested her first pheasant.

This story is inspiring for hunters. Pheasant hunting proved to be something that could turn a former anti-hunter into someone that enjoys the sport. There is so much more to hunting than the kill. There is the time spent with family friends in the field or in the woods.

There is the appreciation hunters learn from the generations before them about the respect one needs to have for firearms and for the animals they choose to harvest. The environment is also a concern at the top of a hunter’s list. There is a constant understanding that hunting is part of the natural course of human interaction in the world.

The story is great example of opening up to new experiences. There is much more in the world than our own views. We can discover many great things even beyond the world of hunting.

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