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Pheasant Hunting and Sporting Clays News is your online source for hunting & shooting news. All of our news is organized by US state to make it easy for you to quickly find the Pheasant Hunting News that is of interest to you! Click on the link below to browse your states upland hunting news or use the search box above! If you have a hunting story you would like to submit please use this link:


News Articles

Hunting Outlook
ROGUE — Muzzleloaders had been finding black-tailed deer on the move from high-elevation areas toward winter range. The muzzleloader season is over.
Blue and ruffed grouse hunting is good, as is mountain quail. Look for quail near high-elevation water sources. Pheasant hunting is slow, but some cock pheasants have been found around orchards.

Local duck and goose hunting is fair, with the best waterfowl shooting along uninhabited stretches of the Rogue River.

Cougar hunters can expect an average year. Cougars are abundant throughout with indicators pointing to stable or increasing numbers and distribution. Hunting cougar is a challenge because these animals are very secretive, but harvest success is greatest using a predator call in areas adjacent to private land with high deer populations.

DOUGLAS — Muzzleloaders ended up with a slower than average season.

Blue and ruffed grouse hunters can expect a better than average year thanks to above-average production countywide. Same with mountain quail.

KLAMATH — Waterfowl hunters hunting over decoys along the marshy areas are faring best.

BAKER — Counts were well above average for chukars and quail this year throughout the county except for the upper Powder River, where chukar counts were low. Numbers of Hungarian partridges also appear low. With good precipitation this summer, expect birds to be scattered.

OCHOCO — Chukar populations are scattered with best opportunities on public lands along the canyon areas of the Crooked and John Day rivers.

SUMMER LAKE — Weather conditions were generally cold, harsh and winter-like most of the week. Freezing temperatures were recorded during every night of the week and high temperatures reached only 40 degrees. Ice formation was fairly extensive covering about 85 percent of open water and remained that way all week. Foggy conditions were experienced on a couple of days.

Both duck and goose numbers declined compared to the previous week, and are now approaching wintering levels.

The weekly waterfowl count conducted Dec. 3 found about 9,800 ducks and about 700 geese.

Upland game bird hunting success was poor, but hunter participation was very light. Hunters continue to report scattered quail coveys but rooster pheasants are becoming very difficult to locate.

Watchable Wildlife
ROGUE — A covered viewing station on the Denman Wildlife Area provides a good opportunity to see waterfowl, egrets, raptors and songbirds. The structure was built by the Oregon Hunters Association and is accessed by a paved, wheelchair-accessible pathway. It is on Whetstone Pond, just north of the ODFW office.
SUMMER LAKE WILDLIFE AREA — The Schoolhouse Lake Wildlife Viewing Station continues to provide excellent opportunities for observing migrant and wintering waterbirds.

Wintering raptors can be found scattered throughout the area as well as on private lands along Highway 31. Northern harriers are especially numerous over march and meadow areas.

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