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Pheasant Hunting and Sporting Clays News is your online source for hunting & shooting news. All of our news is organized by US state to make it easy for you to quickly find the Pheasant Hunting News that is of interest to you! Click on the link below to browse your states upland hunting news or use the search box above! If you have a hunting story you would like to submit please use this link:


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In our age of mega grocery stores, fast-food franchises and themed restaurants, hunting for food is no longer a necessity, yet ... ... hunting remains one of the top recreational pursuits worldwide.
It is a situation that has caused hunters to endure the brunt of everything from countless frivolous lawsuits to outright physical and verbal harassment in the pursuit of their passion.

Why do people still hunt? Why do others expend huge amounts of energy and money to stop hunting? What would happen if they succeeded? What can hunters do to protect their favorite pastime?

A new book by Dr. David Samuel of Morgantown, W.Va., titled "Know Hunting" takes an in-depth look at modern hunting and answers all of these questions plus some you never thought to ask. Samuel is a professor emeritus of wildlife management at West Virginia University, conservation editor of Bowhunter magazine and a renowned hunter/outdoorsman.

Beginning with the first chapter, "Things Will Never be the Same," Samuel entwines bits and pieces of his real-life experiences with scientific data and ethical values in a way sure to maintain the reader's interest.

In subsequent chapters, he leads readers from the days when bag limits and game laws were virtually non-existent and game animals were becoming scarce to modern wildlife management and the role hunters have played in rejuvenating wildlife populations.

In discussing the greatest threat to hunting today, the anti-hunting movement, he covers all the bases from who they are and how they operate to the strategies used to influence decisions relating to hunting.

Rounding out the remaining portion of the book, Samuel covers topics that include mountain lion and black bear management problems, urban deer problems and solutions, trophy hunting, children's attitudes about wildlife and what the Bible says about hunting.

It is obvious from the many references throughout the book that Samuel left no rock unturned in his pursuit of information and knowledge about hunting and the public's perception of hunters.

No matter whether you are a hunter, anti-hunter, wildlife enthusiast or someone who simply wants to understand what all the hoopla is about, "Know Hunting" is an invaluable, all-in-one source of information. All hunters concerned with the future of their beloved pastime need to read this book.

If there is ever to be a "hunters' bible," this is it.

"Know Hunting" can be found at your favorite book retailer or on the Internet at

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