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Pheasant Hunting and Sporting Clays News is your online source for hunting & shooting news. All of our news is organized by US state to make it easy for you to quickly find the Pheasant Hunting News that is of interest to you! Click on the link below to browse your states upland hunting news or use the search box above! If you have a hunting story you would like to submit please use this link:


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This one is a unique story from out in Oregon. The state is turning a bad situation into one that is positive for hunters and for another select portion of the population.

Pheasant chicks are sent to the Oregon Correctional Center each spring where the inmates care for the birds throughout the spring and into the summer.

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North Dakota, like much of the plains and the Midwest, had a prolonged winter in 2012-2013. Things remained cold and wet well into April and May. It’s made things difficult for farmers when the time came and went to get in the fields for planting.

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The pheasant population has been under fire in Iowa for a few years.

It’s been on secret that the push for more land use for agriculture has caused pheasants and other wildlife to lose their natural habitat.

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The cool, wet spring in the Midwest is likely putting pressure on the newly hatched upland birds in the area. The weather is putting pressure on pheasants, grouse and other wildlife in the area.

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There has been a lot of talk over the last 10-20 years about youth and hunting. As technology has improved there have been more things for young peop...

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The sage grouse has been an intriguing part of the upland bird hunting tradition for years.

South Dakota has been one of the states where sage grouse have been fairly common in the. As with any other bird species there have been up years and down years.

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It seems a little too much of any kind of weather can cause issues.

The Dakotas have been getting more rain than normal so far this spring. That would usually be fine for the farmers and even for the wildlife, but it might not be what everybody is looking for this year.

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For the last couple decades it’s been no surprise to see North and South Dakota listed among the best destinations for pheasant hunting.

The two states in the Western United States are world renowned for pheasant hunting among other attractions and activities.

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Natural grassland has been under pressure the last few years in North and South Dakota.

State and federal programs aimed at protecting the natural habitat in the states hasn’t been able to keep pace with other demands for the acreage.

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The people of South Dakota have always had an eye on the future.

When it comes to the outdoors, hunting and fishing there is always a focus on conservation.

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Much of the pheasant habitat in the United States has been under stress the last few years.

North Dakota is one of the states that has seen a dramatic decrease in pheasant habitat.

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There are a few different ways wildlife organizations assist with the pheasant population.

One of the methods has taken center stage in Western South Dakota.

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Pheasant season is tentatively scheduled to open on October 12th, 2013 in North Dakota. The method used to determine the opening of the pheasant season is the second Saturday in October.

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New hunters is what drives growth in the hunting industry. It’s always a good time to take young hunters and new hunters out in the field when you have the opportunity.

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It isn’t news that hunting and fishing license fees are going to increase in North Dakota.

The news is that the increase could be 15%.

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Bird hunters and other hunters in states like North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa already know the issues affecting the Corn Belt in the US.

Now the news about the issue is making headlines across the world.

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Nothing sparks more debate in the hunting world than discussing the best gear.
It’s amazing how the importance of a brand can be for hunters.

It’s like the classic Ford or Chevy debate when you’re talking about pickup trucks.

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The pheasant season in South Dakota was a success.

And the success continues with the birds flying on preserves throughout the state it seems. One report comes from the Gann Valley Ranch. The writer reports seeing hundreds of birds all in bunches flying from treelines down into the grass areas and finally into the feeding areas.

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It was a good season for pheasant hunting in South Dakota. The late season was strong and the birds have been flying throughout the last couple months.

But is there bad news on the horizon?

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It seems that things have been down for Iowa pheasant hunters for years. Even this year things got off to a poor start.

But are things turning around in the state that once saw a flourishing pheasant population?

According to one report pheasants had a strong year in Iowa.

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