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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting News

 Conservation Icon Provides For Young Hunters Even After Death
South Dakotan outdoorsman, Tony Dean is still providing to young hunters even after he died seven ye...
 What Happened On A Recent Hunting Trip In South Dakota
On the 13 December 2014, there was a pheasant summit held in Marshall. Hosted by Governor Mark Dayto...
 Pheasant Numbers Bring Hunters, But Not Planes
When the pheasant hunting season started on October 18, there was an expectation that there would be...
 Lodges Are Becoming Fully Booked For Holidays
Throughout South Dakota the snow has arrived early and temperatures are decreasing faster than was e...
 Looking Back at the Pheasant Hunting Opener In South Dakota
Hunters from across the country have headed to South Dakota to put on their blaze orange jackets and...
 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Trip With NBC Sports
Veteran NBC anchor, Tom Brokaw, took viewers of “Opening Day” on a trip to his native South Dakota f...
 The Opening Weekend of the Pheasant Season Has Come and Gone
The opening weekend of the 2014-2015 pheasant hunting season has come to an end and early indication...
 Yankton County 4-H Member Receives First Place Honor
One of the most important skills when it comes to pheasant hunting is marksmanship. It is no surpris...
 South Dakota Retains Title For Pheasant Capital Of The World
South Dakota’s roadside survey has shown that there was a 76% increase in the pheasant population fr...
 Gov. Daugaard’s Group Gives Recommendations
South Dakota has a problem. For a state considered to be the pheasant capitol of the United States, ...
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Lost dog
Posted On: 01 Nov 2013 12:55 PM
Posted by: Dschneider35
Opening weekened South Dakota
Posted On: 29 Aug 2013 11:16 PM
Posted by: Upland ringneck
South Dakota lodge
Posted On: 28 Apr 2013 06:32 PM
Posted by: Upland ringneck
New South Dakota Lodge Opening Soon
Posted On: 18 Oct 2012 08:21 PM
Posted by: Todd H
2012-2013 Dakota Hunting Guide from the Heart of Pheasant Country!
Posted On: 14 Mar 2012 11:57 AM
Posted by: Dakota Hunting Guide
Upcoming Sporting Clays Instructor Certification Class
Posted On: 20 Jul 2011 08:44 AM
Posted by: Beretta687
Oak Ridge Sportsman's Club
Posted On: 09 Apr 2011 02:56 PM
Posted by: JoshT
South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at Double P Ranch
Posted On: 06 Dec 2010 10:50 AM
Posted by: South Dakota Pheasant Hunter
Elk, Moose, Reindeer or Caribou?
Posted On: 25 Oct 2010 07:17 PM
Posted by: huntersjournal
October 2011 Sporting Clays Instructor Training / Certification Opportunity
Posted On: 09 Jun 2010 02:09 PM
Posted by: Beretta687

South Dakota Sporting Clays


Sporting Clays Courses

A+ UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
103 Braddock Street
Armour, SD 57313
UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at its best. Visit any of the 12 UGUIDE Pheasant Camps for an authentic South Dakota Pheasant Hunt. When you hunt UGUIDE you feel like you own your own private hunting reserve with the best habitat South Dakota has to offer. Every year proceeds go back to our farms so our hunters experience 100% native wild birds.   Read more about A+ UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
22344 477th Ave.
Flandreau, SD 57028
Al's Dream is simply the best South Dakota pheasant hunting preserve that gives you plenty of fun and pleasure. You will hunt on CRP, sloughs, un-harvested corn, milo, several shelterbelts and banks of River Big Sioux. We offer an attractive pheasant hunting package that includes refreshments, bird cleaning, packaging, and transportation and clay birds. Our guides will tell you lovely hunting stories as you relax after the adventure.   Read more about Al’s Dream
PO Box 610
Spearfish, SD 57783
Andersen Farm is an unmatched South Dakota pheasant hunting destination. Our attractive package includes 3 days of guided hunting, 3 meals a day, up to 5 birds a day, clay bird shooting and bird cleaning. You will enjoy hunting a super-scenic private prime land that overlooks Black Hills and the Cheyenne River. You can individually or in groups of up to 8 people.   Read more about Andersen Farms
33376 Buffalo Butte Road
Gregory, SD 57533
Backcountry Outfitters gives you an opportunity to experience wild South Dakota pheasant hunts and have adventure outdoors. We are located on the golden triangle for pheasants of Gregory, Chamberlain, Winner and closer to Pierre, Platte, Presho, Dallas and Kennebec. Our clients enjoy hunting pheasants and fishing with prairie dogs on more than 3,000 acres of pristine ground covered by Sudan grasses, natural grass draws and waterways, corn and milo.   Read more about Backcountry Outfitters
38548 280th Street
Armour, SD 57313
Big Spur Lodge is the best South Dakota pheasant hunting destination for fun and sportsmanship. We offer attractive hunting and training packages for upland bird dog hunters. The Big Spur Lodge organizes hunting seminars to train clients on hunting pheasants, woodcock, sharp-tails and quails. While your dog is trained to hunt, you are also trained by our guides to lead your dog in hunting.   Read more about Big Spur Lodge
Biggins Hunting Service
33451 US Highway 18
Gregory, SD 57533
The 11,000 acre land we hunt around Gregory has, without a doubt, the best wild pheasant population in South Dakota. At Biggins we don't have to guarantee your limit because you will get your limit. Delicious meals, spacious lodging, family hospitality and genuine concern for the quality of your hunt are what make Biggins special. Call today for information. Season Dates: Sept. 1-March 31.   Read more about Biggins Hunting Service
Broken Arrow Farms
1405 E. Wells Avenue (Office)
Pierre, SD 57501
At Broken Arrow Farms you enjoy s premium upland bird hunting experience in central South Dakota. Our mission is to make sure every hunter leaves with a life long memory of a great South Dakota hunt. One thing you can be sure of, you will remember beautiful habitat and a plentiful bird population for years to come.   Read more about Broken Arrow Farms
33376 Buffalo Butte Road
Gregory, SD 57533
The Buffalo Butte Ranch is the home of fun and best harbor for the greatest South Dakota pheasant hunts. Located on more than 6,000 acres of privately-owned land, the ranch has a variety of vegetation cover including cattails, Sudan grass, tree belts, milo and corn, and winding natural waterways. Come and enjoy hunting several pheasants as an individual or groups; whichever the package suits you.   Read more about Buffalo Butte Ranch
19271 369th Ave
St. Lawrence, SD 57373
From 1995, Carr Farm has been offering a lot of game hunting opportunities, a very relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, exceptional accommodation and home-cooked meals. Carr Form is the home of pheasant hunting in South Dakota on over 1,200 acres of cropland, tree strips, food plots and grasslands. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shoot pigeons and hunt with your dog.   Read more about Carr Farm
Circle H Ranch
33823 296th St
Gregory, SD 75733
40752 144th St
Conde, SD 57434
Coteau View Hunting Ranch, located near Ferney to the north east part of South Dakota, provides its clients with a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. You will enjoy waterfowl and some of the best South Dakota pheasant hunts. During the first few hours of hunting you will come across hundreds of pheasants along the corn strips, in CRP grasses and cropland. You can hunt as an individual or in small groups.   Read more about Coteau View Hunts
46902 287th St.
Kennebec, SD 57544
Dakota Hotspots simply offers you entertainment, enjoyment and excitement. Located in a premier habitat, this is a home for most birds and bucks. You will meet several pheasants within the first few hours of your hunting trip here. Our clients also enjoy hunting trophy deer, geese and other predators as well practice sporting clays. Book your place today in order to enjoy the best South Dakota pheasant hunts.   Read more about Dakota Hotspots
16 2nd Ave
Mellette, SD 57461
Dakota Pheasant Guide is the home of hunters, sportsmen and anybody who loves pheasants. Our clients also fish on the entire region of Glacial Lakes and many of South Dakota's Reservoirs. With our clients guaranteed access to more than 50,000 acres of hunting ground. We have four different packages to take care of all our clients. Don’t miss out on this grand South Dakota pheasant hunting opportunity.   Read more about Dakota Pheasant Guide
22169 US Hwy 14-63
Midland, SD 57552
Dakota Prairie Hunting offers an abundance of Chinese Ringneck pheasant hunting opportunities. Located on over 3200 acres of prime land in Don and Sally Ehlers Ranch, the prairie has different covers of native grassland, shelterbelts and some lightly wooded creek. You will also hunt prairie chicken and bag rouse in one of the best South Dakota pheasant hunting grounds.   Read more about Dakota Prairie Hunting
35451 253rd st
Kimball, SD 57355
The Dakota Prairie Lodge & Resort is an all-inclusive luxury destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From pheasant hunting to walleye fishing to group functions, the Lodge specializes in exceptional customer service. Located in Brule County, South Dakota, the heart of the world’s best pheasant hunting, family farming has been our fundamental focus for more than a century, and now our food plots and CRP land maintain our pheasant population. Our outstanding guides and well-trained dogs are   Read more about Dakota Prairie Lodge and resort
35451 253rd Street
Kimball SD, SD 57350
Dakota Prairie Lodge and Resort is an all inclusive hunting and fishing destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From pheasant hunting to walleye fishing to corporate retreats and family getaways, we offer it all. Located in Brule County, South Dakota, the #1 county year after year for wild bird population in South Dakota. Our expansive 15,000 acres of wild bird hunting includes thousands of acres of CRP, food plots (mainly corn and sorghum), cattail sloughs, waterways, and too many tree lines to   Read more about Dakota Prairie Lodge and Resort
35960 217th St.
Miller, SD 57382
Dakota Wild Wings Hunting Lodge is just awesome. It gives you an epic with great food, fantastic hospitality, beautiful and plentiful birds, professional guides and a great natural habitat. Located on more than 4,700 acres of rolling grasslands, we have excellent CRP wing shooting, wetland draws and sloughs and a peaceful tranquility. You will experience the best South Dakota pheasant hunts as an individual or in hunting groups.   Read more about Dakota Wild Wings Hunting Lodge
309 N Erie Street
Doland, SD 57436
Doland Hunting Lodge gives you the best hunting value in a friendly and serene atmosphere. You can hunt with our trained dogs or come with your own dogs. We have all the amenities you require to have the best South Dakota pheasant hunts. We breed the highest population of pheasants making your hunting trip a vivid action rather than just breathtaking scenery.   Read more about Doland Hunting Lodge, LLC
38129 269Th Street
Corsica, SD 57328
Double D Pheasants is the best South Dakota pheasant hunting ground for upcoming sportspeople and expert hunters. We have pheasant hunting packages in groups of 4 to 15 people. You can hire a gun at $200 per day and relax in our lodging at the end of the hunt. Double D Pheasants provides fun and pleasure beyond the imaginable.   Read more about Double D Pheasants
42617 183rd Street
Clark, SD 57225
The Double P Ranch is simply unparalleled in the quality and diversity of hunting habitats. Our clients hunt through wide fields of native grasses, cattail sloughs, strategic food plots, massive grain fields, flooded timber regions and vast prairie pothole regions. You will definitely love the best South Dakota pheasant hunts along with waterfowls and whitetail deer. You can hunt as an individual or in groups.   Read more about Double P Ranch
20239 456th Ave
Arlington, SD 57212
Good Ol' Days Pheasant hunting home simply presents fun at its best. We have a great mixture of food plots and CRP grasses on which you will just enjoy hunting. If you love traditional hunting, food plots provide that ground. Good Ol' Days gives you the best outdoor South Dakota pheasant hunting experience in different packages for individuals and groups.   Read more about Good Ol Days Pheasant Hunting
43084 125th St
Roslyn, SD 57261
Hidden Hill Lodge is a hunting and fishing lodge located in the Glacial Lakes area of northeast South Dakota.   Read more about Hidden Hill Lodge
10 Railroad Ave SW
Aberdeen, SD 57401
J B Outfitters
HCR 66 Box 35
Reva, SD 57651
37361 257th Street
White Lake, SD 57383
Kieffer Pheasant Hunting of White Lake is one of the best hunting grounds that are largely incomparable to any other. You can hunt as an individual or in groups of up to 12 hunters. We offer accommodation with meals. Our professional guides will train you and assist you during the best South Dakota pheasant hunting adventure where possible.   Read more about Kieffer Pheasant Hunting
37879 SD Hwy 28
Hitchcock , SD 57348
Kohmen's Dakota Pheasant Acres gives you the experience of a lifetime and enjoyment hunting outdoors. It is simply enjoyable to hunt pheasants on prime land that consists of CRP, sloughs, drainages, shelterbelts, creek bottoms, un-harvested milo and corn. Located on more than 3,000 acres of land, this is the best South Dakota pheasant hunting destination. We have accommodation facilities for more up to 18 hunters in attractive packages.   Read more about Kohnen's Dakota Pheasant Acres, LLC
40769 272ND ST
Dimock, SD 57331
M & H Pheasant Hunting is located twenty miles south of Mitchell. We offer guided hunts and specialize in small groups of up to 12 people. We will clean, process and package your pheasants after the hunt. We have a pool table and an automatic clay bird thrower. This is one of the finest South Dakota pheasant hunts with kennels for your dog and many other wild birds.   Read more about M & H Hunting
35936 170th St
Miranda, SD 57438
M & N Pheasant Hunting showcases unique hunts that you'll fall in love with. Located on more than 3500 acres of land, you will shoot pen raised birds and take on a true sportsman's challenge here. We also have bow hunting particularly for whitetail deer. With innumerable South Dakota pheasant hunting opportunities, you get to relax from the stress in the city and rejuvenate your nerves.   Read more about M & N Pheasant Hunting
Mike Kuchera's South Dakota Guide Service, Inc.
135 E. 2nd Ave
Mitchell, SD 57301
For 40 years Mile has provided top notch guided wild pheasant hunts on the farms of SE and central South Dakota. Providing 2 and 3 day packaged native pheasant hunting that includes a private room at the award-winning Hampton Inn in Mitchell. When you hunt with Mike Kuchera’s South Dakota Guide Service, it is not uncommon to see 100's of native pheasants every single day of your hunt! Mike guides each and every one of the hunts. His experience ensures a safe, successful, and fun   Read more about Mike Kuchera's South Dakota Guide Service, Inc.
801 W Highway 12
Webster , SD 57274
Northern Plains Adventures provides premier South Dakota Pheasant hunting with access to more than 7000 acres of prime pheasant ground. Contact us today to reserve your hunt.   Read more about Northern Plains Adventures
16429 Front St.
Athol, SD 57424
Northern Plains Outfitters Inc. is located next to Redfield and Aberdeen in South Dakota. Nestled in vast fields of corn and rolling grass prairies, it is best South Dakota pheasant hunting destination for bison hunting, goose hunting and archery whitetail hunting. Our clients also have adventures hunting combos, mule deer, buffaloes and waterfowl. Check from one our affordable packages and start hunting on more than 25,000 acres of prime land.   Read more about Northern Plains Outfitters, Inc
46075 204th St
Bruce, SD 57220
Oak Wood Lakes Lodge operates near Bruce in South Dakota. There are more than 20,000 acres of land for you to roam as you hunt. We have a first class lodging with very comfortable accommodation. We clean, package and freeze the pheasants you've hunted; leaving you to drive home in style. We also offer automatic clay throwers. Individuals and groups can enjoy in the finest South Dakota pheasant hunting ground.   Read more about Oak Wood Lakes Lodge
34669 165th St
Faulkton, SD 57438
18526 398th Ave
Hitchcock, SD 57348
Pheasant Phun is the home of wild ringneck hunts on native grasses, CRP, food plots, standing corn, sloughs, river bottoms and waste ground. In addition to some of the finest South Dakota pheasant hunts, you our hunters also have access to waterfowl, grouses, Hungarian partridges, archery whitetail deer, and prairie chicken. Our clients have ear and eye protection, hunt with trained dogs and full ammunition.   Read more about Pheasant Phun
40942 170th Street
Doland, SD 57436
Prairie Pheasant Hunts provides the best opportunity to hunt in tall grasses, quality CRP, tree belts, fence lines, food plots and plenty of wildlife. Other than a memorable hunt, you will also enjoy the vast openness and beautiful skies. Come and experience the best South Dakota pheasant hunting opportunities as an individual, in small family parties or corporate groups.   Read more about Prairie Pheasant Hunts
34650 245th Street
Chamberlain, SD 57325
33635 171st Street
Seneca, SD 57473
R & R Pheasant Hunting is well known for the highest level of hospitality to its guests. Located on more than 18,000 acres of private ranchland, the preserve strictly reserves 6,000 acres under pheasants. Our guests usually enjoy housekeeping services, hot tub, wireless internet, billiards, videogames, satellite television, unlimited sporting clays, home-cooked meals and housekeeping services. Come and be part of the bandwagon to the finest South Dakota pheasant hunts.   Read more about R&R Pheasant Hunting
626 Main Street
Redfield, SD 57469
Redfield South Dakota is no doubt the pheasant capital of the world. Founded in 1908, we know our client's expectations. We offer some of the finest South Dakota pheasant hunts and fishing opportunities. We prepare, freeze and package for you the fish and pheasants you've hunted. Redfield has a number of pocket-friendly packages for both individuals and groups.   Read more about Redfield South Dakota
27839 366th Ave.
Platte, SD 57369
The River Hills Lodge gives you an opportunity to access the best of modern civilization especially if you hunt during the magnificent sunset. We offer different packages for individuals and groups as well as self-prepared meals and chef-prepared meals. You will be guided by the most experienced guides, use well-trained dogs and have the best of South Dakota pheasant hunting.   Read more about River Hills Lodge
Riverview Lodge
109 River Place Dr.
Pierre, SD 57501
13890 370th Ave
Mina, SD 57451
Rivet Refuge Preserve features 5000 acres of South Dakotas finest pheasant hunting!   Read more about Rivett Refuge Preserve
24935 416th Ave.
Fulton, SD 57340
Rock Creek Lodge is the answer if you are looking for unmatched South Dakota pheasant hunting opportunities. Our clients also enjoy clay target shooting and hunting other birds. We have a superb habitat with boarding facilities for individuals and groups. We have the best guides and trained dogs. You have the option to use our dogs or bring your own dog.   Read more about Rock Creek Lodge
607 S Veterans St
Flandreau, SD 57028
Rooster River gives you the finest world-class professionally guided pheasant hunts. Located on a 40-minute drive away from Sioux Falls our clients hunt on more than 6,000 acres of land. Our expert guides and trained dogs will help you hunt for roosters as we prepare them for you to transport them home for cooking. Enjoy the best South Dakota pheasant hunts at Rooster River today!   Read more about Rooster River
Box 361
Burke, SD 57523
Rooster Tales is a great destination to have fun for individuals, small groups, families and corporate groups. This is the home to some of the finest South Dakota pheasant hunts, turkey hunts and deer hunts. Located strategically in Gregory County, we are easily accessible. We offer friendly packages to our clients and give them the best hunting experience with the help of our guides and professionally trained dogs.   Read more about Rooster Tales
Snake Den Lodge
110 East Medicine Creek Drive
Presho, SD 57568
The Snake Den Lodge provides authentic guided hunts the South Dakota Ring Neck Pheasant. We've been providing top notch hunts for years with more and more hunters every season. We have grown our hunting service without attending sportsmen's shows or placing ads in pheasant hunting magazines. Each and every year our customers come back with more of their friends to enjoy a South Dakota Pheasant Hunt at its best!   Read more about Snake Den Lodge
28146 382nd Ave
Armour, SD 57313
At South Dakota Pheasant Acres we have dedicated our entire property to conservation and habitat. We are South Dakotas oldest preserve and have spent the last 30 years developing wild bird habitat Here you will have access to our 4000 sq ft lodge with a full service kitchen, dining room, upper and lower lounges, full service bar and conference area. Our lodging consists of 3 cabins with single occupancy rooms, full kitchens and living area. We offer hunts for pheasants, ducks, geese and   Read more about South Dakota Pheasant Acres
18203 486th Ave
Gary, SD 57237-5535
Stone Hill South Dakota Pheasant Hunting is at its best with more than 800 acres of prime land covered by shelterbelts, sweet clover and wetlands. It is a highly attractive pheasant hunting point with affordable rates and packages. We have lodging space with private rooms and a kitchen where you can relax and cook your meals after an adventurous hunting trip.   Read more about Stone Hill South Dakota Pheasant Hunting
24931 Thunderstik Rd
Chamberlain, SD 57325
Thunderstik Lodge is one of the most luxurious South Dakota pheasant hunting lodges in this century. We have a very unique setting and also build long lasting relationships. We have some of the most affordable rates for walleye fishing, game clays and sporting clays. You can hunt as individuals, family members, small groups or corporate groups in different packages.   Read more about Thunderstik Lodge
36446 244th St.
Kimball, SD 57355
Wagon Wheel Ranch gives you the best South Dakota pheasant hunting opportunities in the country. Stretching on more than 3,800 acres of land, our clients enjoy a lot of game bird wing shooting with many safe hunting practices. The game birds you've hunted will be cleaned, frozen and then packaged for you. Our hunting packages range from one to five days with meals and accommodation.   Read more about Wagon Wheel Ranch
Warne Ranches
3520 Lambeth Place
Pierre, SD 57501
24945 374th Ave
White Lake, SD 57383
White Lake Hunting Lodge simply offers its clients an experience of a lifetime. If you love South Dakota pheasant hunts then you're at home. Our clients hunt on the corn fields, stripped milo, shelterbelts and upland grassland outdoors. You can hunt as an individual or in groups of up to 18. We clean, freeze and package your birds after a successful hunt.   Read more about White Lake Hunting Lodge
Wings of Thunder
35786 244th Street
Kimball, SD 57355
31340 US 18
Winner, SD 57580
Witten Firms Pheasant Hunting is located near the 'Pheasant Capital of the World', Winner, South Dakota. Hunters have access to more than 5,400 acres of cropland, food plots, and railroad right of ways that were long abandoned, lakes, several waterways and lengthy shelterbelts. This is simply the best South Dakota pheasant hunting ground where you can have pleasure hunting as individuals or in groups.   Read more about Witten Farms Hunting