Trouble with the "come" command
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02 Jan 2012 09:38 PM

     I've got a ten month old yellow lab I'm training as an all-purpose gun dog.  He seems to have "sit" and "no" under his belt but he's only about 50/50 on "come".  When he does "come" he's kind of in low gear.  Any suggestions?

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    05 Jun 2014 05:14 PM
    Hi! My suggestion would be to reinforce him greatly whenever you can! For instance, if you let him out to use the restroom or to play, he is likely really enjoying his time outdoors and would rather stay out than go to you, I like to do a surprise jackpot consisting of about 5 pieces of kibble or just a special treat. But if he really isn't coming at all, try working close to him at first then building distance. Then after you've mastered a reliable recall at a distance then you can work more on distractions but remember to temporarily decrease distance while working on distractions!