Need help training my pup!!!
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11 Aug 2013 09:29 PM

    Alright so i got a 9 month old German Shorthair Pointer and having trouble getting her to hold a point on a bird. I have been trying the pheasant wing and fishing ole but all she wants to do is a attack it. sometimes she will creep up on it stalk it and then hold but then pounces on it she wont hold it for a while its either a second or two. Also i have been working with her on fetch but there are sometimes where she just doesn't have the drive and other times she does. Most of the time she wont hold the bumper till she gets to me also she will chase after it but wont pick it up. How can I increase her drive and get her to become a great hunting dog like I now she can be. She has completed obedience training got first in the class natural born champion! I want her be a champion bird hunter now. I am willing to try anything on this dog so if there's any ideas tricks or tactics I could you it would greatly be appreciated.