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Welcome to Kansas' Hunting Forum
Last Post 30 Nov 2010 08:04 AM by grouchyolddude. 80 Replies.
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grouchyolddudeUser is Offline Happy Puppy Happy Puppy Send Private Message Posts:173 grouchyolddude
30 Nov 2010 08:04 AM
I hunt anywhere in the western third I guess pnb. With only two trips this year to base it on, I found the better numbers in the SW. I hunted up around Scott county last week, and didn't feel the population was quite as good in that area. BUT... I was hunting solo, not with a big group that can push the big fields where you get up the big numbers.. AND... I hunted only public immediately following a high pressure weekend.
I can't really call it a fair comparison. I did hear talk of 'pockets' that recieved some bad hail during the brooding up in that area. Maybe I was just lucky enough to have found one of those pockets
The KDWP has maps downloadable to almost any Garmin gps. As it does for "Google Earth" as well. Even though I know a few spots from past ventures, I used the two in combination, to pre-program a 'route' into the gps. Along with a 'hard copy' of the maps, it makes finding your way around to spots waaaay easier for me. Since the areas are open for deer, turkey, dove, ect., not "every" WIHA area is going to be a good pheasant producer. Sometimes it takes some looking.
"I" try to concentrate my efforts on more remote spots, further off the beaten track. When I find a prospective one, I'll then try to find the most remote, hardest to reach portion of that to work.

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