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Shotgun for wife, would some input please
Last Post 06 Dec 2017 02:02 AM by reyllan. 3 Replies.
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Jimmy82User is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:1 Jimmy82
26 Jul 2011 07:31 PM

    Looking to get my wife a new shot gun.  She is a bit girly and doesn't like the recoil of a pump.  I'm thinking a semiauto, and the Versa Max caught my eye.  I'm not worried about length of pull, she's 5'7" but it's the weight that has me concerned.  Is there a lighter semiauto that can take a range of shells from target loads to turkey loads? 12 ga perfered.

    Foremost MediaUser is Offline Pheasant Chick Pheasant Chick Send Private Message Posts:97 Foremost Media
    09 Dec 2011 03:05 PM

     I think it really comes down to what your willing to spend.  Do you have a price point in mind?

    My wife loves to shoot my Beretta AL391 with a 8 shot or target load it doesn't kick much at all.  The down side is the cost is around $1200.

    thesqueezeUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:4 thesqueeze
    12 Dec 2011 10:24 PM
    The Benelli Super Black Eagle is very light and recoil is almost non-existent. If price is an issue, check out a used Benelli M-90 or a Stoeger. The M-90 is very light and the kick is like a pellet gun. The M-90 won't cycle 3.5" shells so no one wants them anymore. Everybody wants that 3.5". The new Stoeger semi-autos have a lot of the same technology found in a Benelli.
    reyllanUser is Offline Pheasant Egg Pheasant Egg Send Private Message Posts:9 reyllan
    06 Dec 2017 02:02 AM
    Check out Beretta 3901 Target RL 12ga. Semi auto and light recoiling.
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