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Colorado Upland Dream Series Bird Dog Trials

The Upland Dream Series Bird Dog Trials In Colorado

A group of us have put together a new trial series. Upland Dream Series is what these events will be known as. The reason for this is that we don’t have any kind of trial series that a competitor has a chance to win their entry fees back much less gas, food, lodging etc... These trials are meant for tough competition with a great payout at each and every event. We are not an organization and don’t plan on being one. The entry fees are all staying with the competitor and the host club.

Here are some of the high points for the Upland Dream Series. First the competitor is having 50% of their entry going into the events pot, and the championship pot. Plus the advantage of the optional day pots. Also being able to enter your dog twice in the same event. We also have been in contact with the NBDCA and all of your runs can be sanctioned if you choose to pay the extra $15.00. Have you been tired of running events on poor cover? You don’t need to be with us. Our group is going to approve what fields are suitable for the events. We are going to have a representative from a different host club serving as field marshal, and running the blind at each event.

It would also like to be mentioned we are not here to down grade any other organization. We are here for the people who want to run for larger pots. If there is anything that is not working for these events let the host clubs know . We are here for the competitor. If you dislike a rule or the format after running let us know so that it can be changed or addressed. We have spent several months on the series and feel we have done the best that can be done until there is one season under our belts.

Thank You,

Dan Cathcart 1-307-649-2227
Matt Kembel 1-970-867-3107
Chad Leonhardt 1-970-848-3820
Russel MacLennan 1-303-644-4300

Click Here for Upland Dream Series Rules

Tournament Dates:
NAGDA North American Gun Dog Association: (
October 22nd and 23rd
January 7th and 8th
February 4th and 5th
March 4th and 5th

NBDCA National Bird Dog Challenge Association: (
September 24th and 25th

Upland Dream Series/NBDCA:
October 1st and 2nd
November 5th and 6th
November 26th and 27th Matt Kembels 970-768-2098
December 17th and 18th Matt Kembels 970-768-2098
January 21st and 22nd
March 11th and 12th Valhalla 303-644-4300
March 17th-19th Upland Dream Finals


Pictures from Field Trials

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Amateur Flusher Winners-1/15/07
P Sen ru
Puppy Pointer Winners-1/15/2007
Tom H
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