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National Bird Hunters Association

National Bird Hunters Association-NBHA

The NBHA trials are walking trials held on a singe course as near natural hunting conditions as possible. Quail are liberated around the course before the trials starts. Birds are planted in objective areas where you would expect your dog to encounter wild birds. There are enough birds planted around the course so each dog has a fair opportunity to be judged on his hunting ability. We usually plant approximately thirty birds before the trial starts. They are replaced by bird planters with gloves when they fly off course. The course is reseeded after lunch or any other extended period or interruption, with half that many birds. A finished walking shooting dog is required to handle, point, back and retrieve. The dog is only required to be steady to the flush by the Rule Book. There are seven recognized stakes in the NBHA. The Open Stakes are open to both professional handlers and amateur handlers. A professional handler is anyone who takes any form of compensation for handling or training a dog. An amateur handler is anyone who does not take any form of compensation for handling or training a dog.

The stakes are categorized by the dog 's age. The recognized stakes in the NBHA are:

Shooting Dog
Restricted Breed Shooting Dog
Shooting Dog

The dogs are drawn in each stake by pairs. There are two judges for each stake. They can remain the same throughout the trial or you may use different judges for different stakes. It is desired that the club procure the judges early and advertise their names and the stakes they will be judging in your field trial ad. The judges evaluate the performance of each dog and compare his performance to the other dogs ininthat stake. They may choose there dogs if there are six starters in each stake and place them first, second and third: or they may withhold any or all placements if the minimum requirements for the stake have not been met. The judges ride horses and the gallery may be on foot or horseback. There are numerous levels of competition in the NBHA. They are: Club Trials, State Classics, Regional Championships, Futurity and National Championship events. A state organization must have Three or more clubs. If a state does not have three or more clubs, the existing clubs are assigned to the nearest competing state. The state organizations are grouped into regions. Each club elects a Director to represent them at the state level. Each State elects a Director to represent them at the National Level. State Directors elect the National Officer.

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Hunter's Park Clubhouse
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2009 Mar DOGS Tourney (8)
Top Gun Flusher Winners-2/19/2007
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