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National Shoot to Retrieve Assoication

National Shoot to Retrieve Association NSTRA

Shoot-To-Retrieve was founded by sportsmen with a common goal-the enjoyment of their pointing dogs. These men were hunters, field trialers and men who just enjoyed being in the field with their dogs. What they wanted to do was extend the normal open hunting season from a few weeks to a longer period of time. A common goal was seen, and the National Association was born to foster the growth of walking style, quality type trials for all of the pointing breeds.

Our common goal has been met. The Association (NSTRA) has shown consistent growth, and is currently sponsoring recognized trials throughout the United States and Canada with members in every state and several foreign countries.

Our goal for equality among all of the pointing breeds has also been met. To date, championship points have been awarded to every pointing breed. Rules for these recognized trials have been formulated with care and fairness for all of the pointing breeds. Judging rules and their application have been planned, revised and tested for many years, and have led to fair, competitive events for the pointing breeds and their owners.

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Pictures from Field Trials

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Puppy Pointer Winners-1/15/2007
Tom H
2009 Championship 001
Hunter's Park Open Pointer Winners-12/13/06
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