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Diamond Doodles in Joplin East, MO

Diamond Doodles
I44 Hwy 71
Joplin East, MO 31700

Call Diamond Doodles(417) 317-3647

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We are family owned and operated. Other than our children, our top priority is our dogs. Breeding quality and temperament sound dogs is our livelihood. When buying a puppy from us, we want our buyers to be happy with their choice of dog breed and breeder. We do not tolerate aggressive behavior from any of our adult dogs. We are here to make friends, not enemies.
Occasionally we breed pure bred litters, but mainly we are breeding a few different breeds of dogs to the Poodle, ie: Doodles! What we have found is that the Poodle makes so many different breeds even better. Our first experience was with the Goldendoodle. WOW! What a difference! They are absolutely wonderful family dogs! The Poodle compliments so many breeds. We are breeding the Golden Retriever (Goldendoodle F1 & F1B) mini & standard sized, Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo F1B), and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Whoodle), with the Standard & Mini Poodle! Poodles add intelligence to the primary breed! Also, this mixture gives the new dog a low to non shedding coat. Not to mention the additional colors! No we aren't crazy, we truely think this is making an even better breed. We are also breeding some of the smaller hybrid mixes.

We are a Professional Dog Kennel. This is the only job we have. We do not go to a normal 8-5 job and come home to take care of our dogs. If we aren't tending to our children, we are tending to the dogs and their puppies. We don't have another income to rely on so our goal is to produce the healthiest puppies available. We learn new things about animal husbandry all the time. We feel that if we take the best possible care of our dogs, they will produce healthy puppies. If we produce healthy puppies with sound temperaments, we will have customers who will refer to us more customers. We don't monitor our Mom's cycles. We don't "make" them get bred with artificial insemination. If they are bred and showing is when we are expecting new puppies! We won't promise a litter from particular parent dogs until "the mother dog is showing"!

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