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BayCityLabradors in Mobile, AL

8211 Nugget Drive
Mobile, AL 36695

Call BayCityLabradors(251) 232-7100

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The Labrador retriever was bred in Newfoundland, Canada, to find and fetch felled birds, typically water fowl. It is one of the most popular companion and helper dogs. It is not by chance that the Labrador has become one of the most successful companion dogs in the world. Throughout its history, though inter-breeding and diversity of type have taken place, three attributes of the original ancestors of the breed have persevered: the short, dense coat, the otter tail, and the good natured temperament. Even-tempered, utterly dependable with children, loyal, devoted, affectionate, highly trainable are just a few of the adjectives which describe Labs. For these reasons and many others, Labs are the favored breed as guides for the blind and helpers for the deaf and paralyzed.

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