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AS Companion Labradoodles in Lincoln, CA

AS Companion Labradoodles
Lincoln, CA 95051

Call AS Companion Labradoodles(916)408-5069

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As said above, we specialize in Australian and Multigen Labradoodles (and now Mulitgen Cockapoos as well), from only the finest lines, that have been thoroughly tested for health and screened for temperament. I was one of those people that said I would NEVER have a dog, let alone breed dogs, but after having just one, we were hooked!

We needed our prospective pup to be hypoallergenic and non-shedding to accommodate our children (and us), as well as intelligent and mild mannered. After EXTENSIVE research, we ended up with our first Australian Labradoodle, and the rest is history! Never mind the therapeutic value and effect we have found these pups to have on our typically socially inept children. In fact, this breed originated for use as Guide Dogs, and are also used by us as COMPANION dogs for our children. Because of their temperament and intelligence, well bred Labradoodles are increasingly being trained formally as such Therapy Dogs! Trained formally or not, well bred Labradoodles are just plain cool!

Because I had to leave my "professional world" to stay home with our children, and only after seeing the benefits this breed has had for our children and for us, we decided to take it a step further and involve our children in this latest endeavor. Thus, in a small family run "operation", we now offer these wonderful pups to ALL types of people - old, young and in between! This way, we are able to devote much time to each dog, and to each puppy, and raise and nurture only the finest of the Breed!

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