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Mirage Labrador Retrievers in Dayton, NV

Mirage Labrador Retrievers
Dayton, NV 89429

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"Mirage Labrador Retrievers - Nevada Labrador Retriever Breeders
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Mirage Labrador Retrievers
About Mirage Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers in Nevada, located in the Carson City & Reno area. We raise black, chocolate, & yellow Labrador Retrievers for companion hunting,conformation shows, & assisted therapy work. Our focus is a multipurpose dog with a great temperament, sound body, and excellent working ability. Stud service is available. Puppies and young adults available on occasion.

We are a family establishment located in Northern Nevada. For over 14 years now we have been raising Labrador Retrievers with temperament and soundness being our main focus. Our hobbies, with our Labs, include conformation shows and assisted therapy work. We also enjoy doing obedience, field competitions, and seasonal hunting. All our dogs and puppies are well socialized with everyday situations and even with young children. They DO NOT live in kennels. In short, our Labs are our loving friends & a big part of our family.

Chocolate and yellow stud service is available. Both boys have OFA hip, elbow,& heart clearances. Also eye clearances through CERF and Optigen Normal/Clear.

All new puppy owners will get a copy of both parents OFA & CERF clearances at the time they pick their puppies.


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Sherri Dressler
Nevada 89429
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Testimonials (35)
Submitted by: Harry Moses on Jul 10, 2009
I recently bought a Mirage Lab. from the Bakers. I believe Chase is the father. I own Tahoe Bulldogs and have never had a big dog. Kobe, our new lab, is the light of our life. Thank you.

LIbby and Harry Moses
Submitted by: Brian & Kelly Jo Wallace on Jun 21, 2009
After having our wonderful yellow lab for about 3 months now, we haven't regretted our choice of adopting Gracie from Mirage. Since my husband was very forthcoming in my trepidation of getting a puppy, Sherri was very informative and patient with both of us. We loved the fact that the puppies are raised amongst family (I had an image of all breeders' pups coming from concrete puppy mills!) since we have young ones too. The constant pictures & updates of the puppies prior to welcoming Gracie into our home was comforting, fun and exciting. We really appreciated her sense of matching the puppy with the family too. Whenever we walk Gracie everyone's comments are ""What a beautiful dog""...we couldn't agree more!! Thanks Mirage!
Submitted by: Kim on May 29, 2009
This was our first time being involved in the breeding of our dog and what a wonderful experience it was!!!! Sherri kept in constant contact with me and let me know how things were progressing with our dog and Tuff. I can't wait to see what the puppies look like!!! Thanks, Sherri and Travis and Mirage Labradors!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Eric & Kim Ritter on Apr 13, 2009
It had been about 15 years since I had a pup and my husband had never had a puppy. When I started our search I really wanted to find a breeder locally. I came across Mirage and we are so glad we did. It was very important to us that the dogs were apart of their family. No doubt they were. Our little rebel is a ball of fire. Sweet and loving most of the time, but, she has a wild side and is stuborn at times. Guess she's a little like me . I look forward to the years to come and will go to Sherri and Travis in the future. Thank you to both of you.
Submitted by: Tom and Connie Mattis on Mar 27, 2009
When we decided the time was right to bring a puppy into our family, we began an extensive online search of various breeders through the State of California but it was not until we happened to find the website for Mirage Labradors in Nevada that we found our ideal breeder. Sherri’s puppies have wonderful temperaments, sweet and good natured, great for a family with kids, or people like us with grandchildren. Sherri matched us up with our puppy, Darla, and it was love at first sight. Darla is a robust little bundle of energy with a sweet disposition and playful nature. We love watching her pounce on her toys with absolute abandon and joy. She has already provided us with hours and hours of love and affection and will, we are sure for many years to come.
Submitted by: Mike Hastie on Mar 26, 2009
I would highly recommend Mirage Labradors Retrievers for stud service. Sherri and Travis are extemely professional and knowledgeable in breeding Labrador Retrievers. We have used their services several times now. They were very caring with our female Labs and I'm sure they felt right at home. They go above and beyond to make sure its is a good experience for you and your dog. - Mike Hastie, Genoa, Nv.
Submitted by: Evan Johnstone on Feb 08, 2009
I purchased my puppy, a 4 month old yellow lab male named Jack, from Sherri and her family after much research. What a great decision! Sherri and her family raised him in a loving and caring environment. He is well socialized with both people and other dogs. My vet was impressed with the health of the puppy at his first puppy check up. He’s well along in this obedience training. I couldn’t ask for more.

I’ve always had labs, and have dealt with many different breeders, Mirage Labradors was the best experience I’ve ever had. If I ever need another dog, my first and only call will be to Sherri and her family at Mirage Labradors.
Submitted by: Sean & Tara Olsen on Jan 28, 2009
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for an outstanding addition to our family. Travis and Sherri of Mirage Labradors, were recommended to us by a our Veterinarian who also happens to be a family friend. He knew what we wanted in a dog, and Mirage Labs came through for us. Although our dog Cinder is now 4 years old, we must give credit where credit is due. Mirage Labs provided our family with not only a loving and trustworthy companion, but they provided a level of caring for the breed that is seldom seen elsewhere. We are truly grateful for Cinder, and can't thank the Dressler Family enough.
Submitted by: Seth Dextraze on Jan 02, 2009
My wife and I searched a long time to find a Labrador Retriever breeder that we felt comfortable with and Mirage Labrador Retrievers is what we came up with and could not be happier. Sherri is very knowledgeable and has answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. We were pleased to find that Sherri is very concerned about the placement of her puppies and whether or not we were truly ready for an addition to our family. Drake, our 4 ½ month old Black Lab puppy has been a great addition to the family. Every indication is that he will not only be a great family dog but also a great hunting companion in the future. We highly recommend that if you are interested in a Labrador Retriever that you contact Sherri at Mirage Labrador Retrievers.
Thank you Sherri
Submitted by: Piry on Oct 23, 2008
Miragelabradors has proved to be an outstanding breeder for lab puppies. The dogs are off high show quality and not over bred to ensure a pure bloodline. The dogs are raised in a family atmosphere given love and affection. Therefore the dogs have a confidence and an even temperament. Many of the parent dogs are active therapy dogs which show off their gentle side. All of the dogs have a love for the outdoors and are naturals for hiking or hunting companions. We are thrilled with our new black lab puppy that has joined our home as a “puppy for life”. He is healthy and affectionate. He has a steady and self assured personality. We are grateful to the fine Miragelabrfadors breeder for making it possible for us to have our wonderful new puppy. We highly recommend that if you are looking for a new dog that you contact Mirage labrador first. The wonderful family breeders will be helpful in answering any questions about their dogs and make your quest end with a happy lab conclusion. You will love your puppy at first site!
Submitted by: Yoshiaki Ishimaru on Oct 18, 2008
October 17, 2008
I highly recommend Mirage Labrador for the following reasons. Upon bringing my puppy home she has bonded to me and my wife as her friends and protectors. She listens to our commands and never strays out beyond our vision. She stays at our side whenever we travel away from home. Sherri has an excellent breeding program to bring out the best in the breed .Cleo is intelligent, playful, curious, and knows where the shade is at all times.Sherri spent hours with us answering our questions, and was very informative and thorough regarding her breeding program. Thanks Sherri. Cleo is part of our family and we love her dearly.
Thank you, Yosh and Reiko
Submitted by: Steve Brown on Oct 17, 2008
I would like to express what a previledge it was to meet Shari and to be able to obtain one of her lab pups. I have had labs all of my life my dad and I have hunted with our dogs for years they are truly a remarkable breed . I lost my chocalate two years ago at the ripe old age of 15 he was my was my best friend and hunting buddy I finally decided to get another chocolate and found Mirage Labrador web site I read all the testimonials and decided to give Sheri a call from the moment I spoke with her I new that she is on her game she was very professional and pleasent to talk with she told me that she would consider me and would talk to me in a few days she cares about where her pups go another reason why I new i was talking to the right breeder! she called back a few days later and said I could get a pup I was so excited! she invited us over to see the pups and right off the bat I noticed how clean and professional her operation was! during the next several weeks we visited the pups and she sent us pictures once aweek I am very satisfied with my pup he has filled that emty spot that I lost when I had to say goodbys to my last Lab , I recomend Mirage Labrador Retrievers to anyone who is looking for a good quality sound pup Thank you Steve Brown
Submitted by: Beth & Charlie Curle on Oct 16, 2008
A few months back, without notice, we lost our 4 yr old son of Titan named Tucker. It absolutely devastated our family. I had bred national champion Jack Russell’s for 20 years before Tucker joined our family as a wee pup and trained and raised top dressage horses as well – with so many animals in our lives, I had come to accept death and loss as a very sad piece to the business. Loosing Tucker was something I wasn’t sure I or my family was going to rebound from. He was simply that special. When my 88 year old father was in the hospital and nursing home, I used to bring Tucker for nightly visits. This dog had zero official therapy training yet he would calmly walk the nursing home floors, visiting patients and lay wrapped around to the wheels of my dad’s wheel chair. Alarms going off for patients at risk to fall would result in a simple lifting of his head. When I finally had to opportunity to meet Titan, I got to tell him how proud he would have been of his son. His temperament, his stunning confirmation, and his incredible kindness would have made any breeder very, very proud.

Now, thanks to Sherri and her family, we have a new member of our family. A new pup, Bodie, the son of Tuff and Eve has joined us and immediately settled in as a member of the family. In the first week, he already trots through the stable as if he was born the sites and smells of a training barn ignoring the barn cats, (much to their dismay!), visited the ski resort and slept at my feet under my desk, and has rode around sleeping in a motor grader with my husband.

So many breeders breed just to produce lots of puppies and make money, forgetting the necessity of confirmation, kindness, and trainability. Mirage Labradors gets it right!
Submitted by: Fred & Sharon Atkinson on Oct 16, 2008
We did a lot of online searches to find a replacement for our 16 year old lab that we lost in May '08. A lot of breeders have some very good websites and are very enticing. My wife and I visited many breeders and drove lots of miles to find our new pup. Sherri runs one of the cleanest kennels anywhere. She and her family are devoted to the excellence of the breed and it shows from the minute you meet her and her family. She is knowledgible and eager to learn more. I have been involved in veterinary medicine for more than 40 years as a clinical pathologist and have met folks just into breeding to make money.........THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH MIRAGE LABS AND SHERRI ! She is committed to furthering the breed with excellent genetic tracking and terrific animal husbandry. We added one of Sherri's pups to our family a week ago today.....funny how you forget about all the training and how mischievious these little balls of fur can be. Ours already has quite the attitude. We hope to have many years of companionship with our new girl.
P.S.......we are already in line for a yellow male in Sherri's next litter! Thanks Sherri !
Submitted by: Laurel Spain on Oct 14, 2008
I would highly recommend Mirage Kennels either for use of their stud service or finding that perfect puppy companion you long to have (I was lucky enough to see her newest litter, they were just perfect. Momma & pups were as happy as lambs in their own bedroom in the house. This is my 1st experience breeding a labbie. I admitted to being dumb as a doorknob about breeding Sam and I couldn't have gotten a better guide for both the breeding and the whelping. It has been 30 years since I bred springers and knew virtually nothing about labbies. Sherri's easy knowledge alleviated any concerns I had and she kindly offered her assistance if I ran into any problems. We are looking forward to the birth of some wonderful puppies.
Submitted by: Maryann and Jim on Oct 08, 2008
We recently brought our 4 year old female to Mirage Labradors to be bred to Chase. We selected Chase after doing a pretty thorough search for the best stud dog we could find in the area, who would be a nice match with our female. Also we had seen Chase at a dog show earlier in the year and were impressed with what we saw in the dog and in speaking with the Dresslers. Our overall experience was great, Sherri handled everything from start to finish and we are now anxiously awaiting a beautiful litter of yellow puppies!
Submitted by: Devin and Dawn McCormick on Sep 12, 2008
We are very happy with our experience with Mirage Laboradors. We traveled up there from las vegas, and sherri was very flexible when working out a time to meet her. She gave out all the information over the phone and email that we asked for, and then some. She was very professional and provided us with all papers and documentation upon picking up the puppy. i can tell she is very selective in her breeding, as our pup is now 10 months old and has an excellent temperament and she's very loyal. She also has one of the most beautiful coats i've ever seen on a dog, and we get many compliments on it wherever we go. Her fur is so soft, its like she never lost her puppy fur. We enjoyed working with mirage laboradors, and recommend their business to anyone.
Submitted by: Keith & Anne on Jun 17, 2008
We have had the pleasure of getting two wonderful lab pups from Sherri at Mirage's. Both Roxy and Dawn are truly amazing, smart and loving dogs. You can tell instantly that they were raised in a healthy, loving and caring environment. Sherri made it very easy to get information on both the dogs and communicates freely by e-mail and by telephone. We traveled in from California to pick up the dogs and she was so flexible and accommodating for our trip. Sherri always says she breed for temperament - they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs possible. It has been a joy working with Sherri and her wonderful dogs have easily become such a wonderful part of our lives.
Submitted by: Bob Ryan on Feb 12, 2008
""Arctic"", our yellow girl is now 5 mos. old and is the second pup from Mirage Labradors. Sherri does an excellent job breeding and caring for the dogs. Both of our pups are intelligent, with great dispositions and are very good looking. The 3 year old ""Yogi"" is a healthy boy, with a big blocky head and stout body. I would highly recommend Mirage Labs to anyone interested in finding a great all around, sound health, Lab puppy.
Submitted by: Jeff on Feb 05, 2008
Id like to thank Sherri and her family for the loving and caring environment that she provides for her puppies. I chose this breeder after exhaustive research and I was not dissapointed. I viewed the pups a couple of days after they were born, and checked on the pups several weeks later. I appreciate that both the Mom and Dad are onsite, Sherri's knowledge of the breed, the fact that the pups are raised in a household environment. I am absolutely pleased with my selection of a chocolate female pup ""Mocha"". My vet was impressed with the health of the puppy at her puppy check. Bravo to Sherri..This was a delightful experience.
Submitted by: Brandon & Lisa Rose on Feb 04, 2008
We used the Stud dog service in October of '07, but Sherri was right there helping us with our bitch's health certifications way before that. She invited us to her home to see how the process would work. All the dogs were loved and cared for as if they were part of the family, not a cold source of income. She answered any and all questions we ever had regarding breeding, puppy problems and weaning and we were full of questions throughout the entire process. She was very caring and very interested in every aspect of our litter. She just doesn't collect the money and send you on your way. We had 10 puppies in the early morning hours and she was right there on the phone with me the next morning assuring me we were doing everything right. We would 100% recommend her, her puppies and all her dogs for any services needed. We hope to business with her again in the future one way or another!
Submitted by: patrick overstreet on Jan 30, 2008
Mirage Labrador Retrievers has been the best breeder experience for our family.Sherri and her family welcomed us into their home to view the adult dogs and the environment they are raised in.Exceptional breed standard qualities along with loving family social skills.Each dog is treated with genuine affection and cared for just like one of the family.Sherri was extremely knowledgeable and a true professional in her field.She did a great job of pairing owners with dogs,in reguards to lifestyles and what one was looking for in a lab.Our puppy ""ROXY""is now 18 weeks old is extremely intelligent,alert,social,trainable and all around good natured.She responds quickly to training and her goal in life is to please us.She is also great with our three kids who are all under 6 years old.Having grown up with labs through different breeders,I can honestly say Mirage is top notch and we will be getting another puppy to add to our family in the future.You will not be disappointed with Mirage Labrador Retrievers.
Submitted by: Dave & Jan Snell on Dec 18, 2007
Ginger is fourteen weeks old, and has been with us for six enjoyable weeks. She is smart, gentle, social and 22 pounds of strength. She has already learned several commands (sit, stay and come). She travels well during long (300+ mile) trips in the car. She is social with everyone she encounters. Ginger will be a great companion for many years. All of these attributes do not surprise us because Ginger is from Sherri Dressler?s Mirage Labradors. Sherri has the experience, and a kennel setup to produce a great breed. Mirage is small in scale, clean and every dog receives the attention and care it needs. It is a true family business. In our experience we know Sherri to be honest, trustworthy, ethical, truly caring about upholding the highest qualities of the breed and the well being of dogs she places.
Submitted by: Brian and Dianna Sanchez on Dec 01, 2007
My Wife and I were looking for a breeder on the internet, and of course found quite a few. After looking/talking to some others we came across Sherri at Mirage labs. We felt very comfortable on our first conversation. She answered all of our questions and we never felt pressured in purchasing a lab from her.She is very knowledgable as well as caring. She cares for the dogs and is equally concerned to whom is taking them home.This was a huge deciding factor for us considering we are taking in a new member of the family. We wanted a family dog with a good disposition, and considering Sherri's two girls are around the dogs constantly, we got that and much more with ""Sarai"". We would definetly recommend Sherri at Mirage to anyone looking for a new lab.
Submitted by: Colby and Erica Palmer on Oct 16, 2007
Well, you always hear about how wonderful it was to get your lab puppy from the Dressler's but that is a given....She is great and my wife speaks very highly of her regarding her knowledge of the breed and interest in how our lab ""Kona"" is doing. I just wanted to say we received ""Kona"" from Sherri deriving from a litter involving Angel from her home and ""Woody"". I have had the pleasure of maintaining this wonderful lab as a companion to us and our children as well as a successful partner for my hunts...What a great retriever ""Kona"" is and a natural pointer to boot. He is extremely loyal and efficient and as much as I would like to take all the credit for his success, it starts with a quality breeder. Thank you Sherri and we are now attempting to get into breeding Labradors on our own. You are an inspiration for what we will strive for. Highly recommended from the Palmer's
Submitted by: Terri Morrison on Aug 29, 2007
In late June I contacted Sherri at Mirage Labradors to inquire about stud services. Sherri invited me into her home and explained the entire process from breeding to whelping. She answered every question I had in detail. I bred my female yellow lab Nikki with Mirage's Chase. Nikki could not breed naturally so Sherri used her expertise in artifical insemination. When Nikki went into labor I called Sherri in a panic. She was out for the night but returned my call anyway. She calmed me down and then offered tips and suggestions to help with labor. Twenty four hours later we have nine beautiful puppies. Sherri was the first person who asked to see them. She stayed in contact with me daily. In my opinion, Sherri is the up most authority on the Labrador breed. I am so thankful to have found her. I highly recommend her services as well as her offspring.
Submitted by: Amy Phillips and Brad Jones on Aug 28, 2007
We welcomed Boh into our home just a week ago. He is the most beautiful, happy, and healthy chocolate lab. Sherri was extremely knowledgable and helpful during our search for the perfect puppy. She was able to answer all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable taking our new addition home. Boh is very well behaved, and so smart! He has already learned sit, stay, down, and paw. We were able to meet many of Sherri's dogs during our visits to Boh, and each one was well-behaved and friendly. We would absolutely use Mirage again, and would recommend them to anyone searching for the perfect lab puppy.
Submitted by: Judy Findeisen on Jun 29, 2007
We used Mirage Labrador's stud service when we bred our 4-year old yellow lab to Chase. Sherri was helpful and accomodating throughout the entire process. She answered all my questions and let me know I could always call her if I had any more, and delivered on the promise. When our girl came into heat a month and a half early, Sherri took her into her home and successfully bred her in the midst of preparing to take her dogs to a show in Las Vegas. She completed the final breeding just hours before they had to hit the road. We couldn't be happier with the litter, with Chase as a sire, or with our overall experience with Sherri and Mirage Labradors.
Submitted by: The Morrison's on Apr 03, 2007
I can't say enough about Sherri and Mirage Labradors. They are great! We welcomed Nero, ""Mirage's Mischief at Midnight"", into our home in January '06. He is a beautiful black cuddly bear of a dog. He is smart and very loving. Sherri breeds not only for breed standard but for temperment too. I have visited her home more than once and her dogs are all part of the family. I would send anyone looking for an all around quality Lab to Sherri and Mirage.
Submitted by: Robin and Justine Sargent on Mar 27, 2007
We got our Choc.Lab from Sherri a year ago in Feb. We enjoyed working with Sherri. She always kept us updated on the pups and sent pictures. It was fun to be able to take part in the early months before we were able to bring him home. She has a very clean home in which she raises her puppies. They are part of her family and not in kennels. She was very informative when we went to pick our puppy up. Also checks in often to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. Any questions we have she is always willing to take the time to answer. If I decide to add another lab to our family, I will get it from mirage labs. Our dog is very healthy, loving and smart. We feel very fortunate to have found mirage labs! Robin
Submitted by: Todd & Kimberly Burchiel on Mar 23, 2007
My wife and I made one the best decisions we have ever made when we adopted our wonderful yellow lab Jasmine from Mirage Labrador Retrievers. Jasmine is our first dog and Sherri was so understanding and willing to make everything just right for her dog and us. Jasmine's extreme intelligence,wonderful temperment and desire to please has made her a perfect companion. Being an elementary school teacher I wanted to do something special for some of our troubled and needy students, so Jasmine quickly and easily certified as a Therapy Dog. She comes to school 3 - 4 days per week and has been a tremendous blessing to many kids. We hope to be getting another dog from the Dressler's as soon as possible.
Submitted by: Carolyn Bryant on Mar 15, 2007
My dog Bodie (Mirage's Bodie del Lago) is a 16 month old Chocolate Labrador, sired by Mirage's Madison. He is stocky (70 pounds), sound and athletic (my friends call him ""Tank""). While still full of puppy energy, he doesn't bark often and is great with everyone, including cats, kids & other dogs. Although we don't hunt, he spends a lot of time hiking, running and swimming in the Lake Tahoe area and his strength and stamina are awesome. I got Bodie as a two month old puppy and getting a pup from Mirage was a real pleasure that I hope to repeat soon. Sherri and her family remain good friends and I would recommend their dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Jacqueline Gilvydis on Mar 15, 2007
I purchased my puppy Lilly, a yellow lab, who now is 9 months old from Mirage Labs. I had a wonderful experience with Sherri Dressler. I was extremely stressed out about having my puppy flown to me, and Sherri stood by all day to make sure Lilly had as happy and stress free trip as possible. Lilly has a wonderful and gentle disposition, and has truly made our family complete. It took no time at all to train Lilly, and within days she was completely house trained. We are sure it was because she already had a head start with Sherri. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a quality labrador.
Submitted by: Tony & Devon Palermo on Mar 15, 2007
We added to our family in Feb. 2006. Our pride and joy is Mirages ""I Love Lucy Brown"". She is a 15mo. old Chocolate, born to Mirages Tuff and Mirages Madison's daughter Ruby. We could not have asked for a better dog. Lucy has a wonderful disposition and temperament and is friendly with every animal and every person she en-counters. She is not a barker unless she feels it is necessary to warn us about something. She has a lot of energy and yet loves to cuddle. We introduced her to the ocean, lakes and a pool last year and found that she is definately a water dog. She is in an excellent swimmer and diver. I could not say enough about how much of a positive impact she has made on our family. A very smart dog. We feel very lucky to have been able to receive an amazing dog from such an amazing breeder as Mirage. We look forward to a long future with our girl.
Submitted by: Jill on Mar 15, 2007
I didn't adopt just any puppy from Sherri, I adopted a member of their family! Halo was 1 yr+ when she joined my family. Perfect temperment and personality to be around my son, they're just a couple of years apart and make great playmates for each other. Halo receives compliments wherever we go regarding her beautiful coat and sweet eyes. She's such a solid dog most assume she's a sportsman's buddy and not a ""house"" dog. Every interaction with Sherri was pleasant and I was very comfortable adopting Halo and impressed with the other Mirage labs. She is well-versed in breeding/raising labradors and her love for them shows in her interactions with them. Whether for hunting/show/companionship, I definitely would recommend Sherri and Mirage Labradors.

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