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Riverchase Labradors in Piedmont, SC

Riverchase Labradors
2845 Fork Shoals Road
Piedmont, SC 29673

Call Riverchase Labradors(864) 236-5685

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Welcome to Riverchase Labradors. We are located in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our names are Kevin & Terri Hoglen. Kevin is fairly new with Labradors but I have been involved with Labs all of my life. I was very fortunate to be introduced to AKC Conformation Shows at a very young age. I was extremely lucky to have Carroll and Mary James, AKC Professional Handlers, as next door neighbors and close family friends. I remember, as a little girl, watching for hours as Mary bathed and groomed the dogs in preparation for a Show. And then it was time to pack the van for a trip to the next show. I was truly amazed by their love for the dogs. What I thought was just fun and fascinating to watch; little did I know at the time, was ground roots for what my life is about today. Many things have changed since then but the love for the dog only grew stronger. My ultimate dream was to have a Lab that I could one day be getting ready for that big show.
Today, I am probably the happiest that I have ever been in my entire life. I have been a single mom for some time and I have definately had my share of life's ups and downs.My one and only, "True Love", Kevin has re-entered my life, and we were married Christmas Eve 2006. Kevin has a daughter, Tabitha, who is 20, and is the mother of our newest granddaughter, Dallas Lauren . I also have a daughter, Leah, who is 29 and my adorable granddaughter "Michelle" is 4. My oldest granddaughter, Allison is 11 and lives with us. Kevin and I have just recently adopted he. Our son, Lee is 25 and is a United States Marine. He and his family are currently stationed in Arlington, VA. I miss him so very, very much but I am so proud of him. Lee and his wonderful wife, Nancy have 2 children, "Austin" who is 5 and "Alexis" who is 3.
Labs have always been a huge part of my life and now that Kevin is here with me, it feels so complete. He loves the Labs just as I do. He has gotten so involved with them and helps me so much. I have never seen anyone hunger more to learn all that he can about every aspect of the Labrador. It is such a blessing to know that the person that you are spending the rest of your life with, loves your hobby just as much as you do. God has truely blessed me with him.
My first litter of Labs was born in 1989. At that time, I just had a female and wanted to experience having puppies. I was hooked after that. In January of 1993, I had a terrible accident and lost most of my right hand. I thought then that my dream was just that, only a dream, and now I would never be able to fulfill it. I was so disheartened that every time I looked at "Sugar", my heart broke. I found a good home for her and put my "dream" on the shelf. By 1996, I had completed numerous surgeries and much physical therapy and was toying with the idea of becoming involved with Labs again. I knew that I had determination and I also still had this "dream" deep in my soul. My search began. I went to a show here at home in Greenville SC. Lori Isenhath, Dovetail Labradors, had a female there "Mary". I held her at ringside, my eyes filling with tears as I realized that I could control her with just one hand. Lori's, Dovetail Longwood Marigold, "Mary" ignited a fire in my soul that can never be put out.
Today, Riverchase Labradors are proud producers of top quality Yellow, Black and Chocolate puppies that adhere to the standard of the breed. We specialize in AKC Labrador Retrievers from top English Show lines for the Show Ring, Gentleman Hunter, Therapy and Helper, and of course that Wonderful Family Companion. I FOCUS VERY STRONGLY ON THAT WONDERFUL TEMPERAMENT AS WELL AS EXCELLENT HEALTH. My dogs currently participate in Bench Conformation. Our goal here at Riverchase, is to produce Labradors with a pleasing temperament, extremely high intelligence, correct conformation, and genetic soundness yet still retaining the true sporting ability of the Lab. All of our dogs are OFA certified and have the proper eye clearances. I am so confident in our breeding program, that I offer a FULL 3 YEAR replacement guarantee against genetic defects. All litters are whelped indoors with me right by mom's side which starts the socialization process right from the moment of birth. I administer Early Neurological Stimulation. Babies are held, cuddled, loved and talked to even before they can hear or see us. Puppies are raised indoors. At 5-6 weeks they are introduced to the outside and are tested with live quail and duck wings. At 6 weeks we use the Puppy Aptitude Test to test temperaments of our puppies. By the time they are 7 weeks they have become happy, curious, tail wagging bundles of joy who adapt quickly from our family to yours. Our puppies are sent home with detailed instructions as well as a health record from our veterinarian.
Please, always remember, that I am here for you and your new puppy. Never feel that a question that you have is not important. I am here for you as long as needed. My love for the breed is so strong that I will always make time for you and your dog, no matter how busy. My goal is for you to be happy with your new family member. If you are not happy, chances are, he or she will not be happy either. Riverchase Labradors breeding program strictly follows the National Labrador Retriever Club ethical standards of breeding. All stock is in good health both physically and temperamentally. Both parents have the appropriate hip and eye clearances. Puppies are raised in a healthy environment with adequate socialization. All puppies are wormed and inoculated according to veterinary recommendations. I strive to place puppies in permanent homes and under no circumstances do we wholesale puppies. Accurate and thorough breeding records are kept and above all, Honesty with puppy purchasers is a priority. Please enjoy our site and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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