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Highland Retrievers in northern New Jersey, NJ

Highland Retrievers
northern New Jersey
northern New Jersey, NJ 08802

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During my first early years of marriage, I owned a yellow Labrador Retriever named Cocoa. She was classified as Red Fox in color and she was a very good dog. She was totally mine - from the walks to the feedings. She was not very well bred and was very sick when she was young. I did spay her and had someone to teach obedience. I trained her at my pond (which is now a Brook) with bumpers and whistle but never new where to compete with her. Cocoa was a great gardening partner, right by my side, always sleeping under a piece of equipment that came back from a job with engine still warm. My favorite picture of her is in my Dad's truck where she is in the back, cruising down my drive way. She passed on at the age of twelve from Bone Cancer.

Since her passing one year after living in my new home, I purchased two Labradors, one black and one yellow. One was from California breeding and the other one was east coast breeding. This beautiful puppy turned out to be 26 inches at the withers (just a bit over the American Standard). The second male was purchased a year later on Mothers Day. Both came out of the newspaper from back yard breeders. Both puppies where not show dogs nor quality from show lines. I am sharing this story with you so you can see how over a ten year period I did work with both dogs but also learned a lot.

At least I'm glad I had these two dogs as they are the reason I enjoyed the breed and grew to have the strong desire to breed a quality dog and to compete in conformation shows. They both earned their Junior Hunter titles before the age of two, running four times consecutive for the legs required for the title. Both where therapy dogs, and both had their obedience title. "Stone" the yellow boy lives with my sister on her twenty acre horse farm and "Oreo" the black cutie still lives with me. He is 11. I love them both to this day as much as I did when I bought them home.

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