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Ivywild Welsh Springer Spaniels in Litchfield County, CT

Ivywild Welsh Springer Spaniels
Litchfield County
Litchfield County, CT 83429

Call Ivywild Welsh Springer Spaniels (860) 283-4549

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The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized, active, loyal, and affectionate breed. Some might be "reserved" with strangers, but should not be timid, shy, or unfriendly. The breed is well known for being affectionate to all members of the family, and accepting other pets of the household with a friendly, playful attitude. They can be very clingy toward their owners earning them their nickname "velcro dogs."

The breed is a quick learner but is sometimes "deaf to commands", especially if there is something more interesting in the environment. With correct training, they can become very obedient dogs.

The Welsh Springer was bred for work and endurance, and as such needs exercise to keep healthy and content. Without adequate exercise, a dog may become bored and design its own (usually destructive) means of keeping busy, often to its owner's displeasure.

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