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Flushing & Retrieving Dog Breeds

American Water Spaniel Dog Breeders

The American Water Spaniel is one of the best combination water/upland dogs you can buy. The American Water Spaniel weighs around 60 pounds and has a thick curly chocolate brown or liver colored coat.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breeders

The Boykin is a lesser known flushing retriever that also makes a excellent house dog. This 30 pound average dog runs hard and is also a capable waterfowl retriever. The Boykin Spaniel has a curly dark chocolate to liver colored coat and has been gaining popularity among hunters in recent years

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Breeders

The Chesapeake bay retriever is famous for its ability to retrieve waterfowl even in the harsh water conditions of the Chesapeake bay, but the Chessie is also a decent upland hunting dog with a good nose and excellent flushing and retrieving skills. Cheesiest have at thick oily coat and average around 65-75 lbs.

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breeders

The Cocker Spaniel comes from English dog lines and are excellent upland hunters. Cockers have a long coat that is primarily white with reddish or black markings. Cocker spaniel tails are docked when the dogs are puppies. The Cocker Spaniel takes its name from it's wood cock hunting skills but cockers are also excellent dogs for grouse and pheasant. Cocker spaniels are usually classified as a flushing and retrieving breed of hunting dog. They typically way around 25 pounds and one of the shorter dogs in the retriever class upland dog allowing them to get under brush and cover that many of the bigger retrievers can not.

Golden Retriever Dog Breeders

The Golden Retriever is an excellent dog for both waterfowl hunting as well as upland flushing and retrieving. This dog is easily trained and makes a for a very affectionate family pet. The Golden Retriever's coat is thick and consists of gold hair that is wavy and long with a thick undercoat. Golden's average around 65 pounds and make great family dogs as well as hunting partners.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breeders

The Labrador Retriever (Better know as the lab) is by far the most popular of all retrieving dogs. Labs are excellent flushing, marking and retrieving dogs and their easy to train friendly demeanor makes them a great family dog as well. Labrador's are as at home in the water as they are on the land making them an excellent choice for waterfowl hunters as well as upland hunters. A labs coat is smooth and short and provides good burr resistance. Labs average around 65 pounds and come in black, chocolate or yellow colors.

Springer Spaniel Dog Breeders

The Springer Spaniel is a fast moving dog that some believe is the dog of choice for pheasant hunters. The Springer averages around 40 pounds and can quickly flush running birds. Springer Spaniels have docked tails and long black and white or liver and white coats. Springers are great retrievers and also enjoy working in the water.