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"The original Weimar Pointers appeared in the 19th century. They were prized for their versatile hunting skills and remarkable character. In the early part of the century, the Nobles of Weimar were avid sportsmen and hunted a large variety of big and small game. They required of their dogs exceptional tracking ability, speed, courage and durability. More likely by accident, they produced the distinctive gray coat color that is the hallmark of the Weimaraner breed.

During the first century, the Nobles rigidly controlled the availability of the dogs. To insure the future of the breed, in 1897 the German Weimaraner Club was formed. Membership was restricted and members only were permitted to own and breed the dogs. Very few outsiders really knew much about the breed. Legends developed about the great gray hunting dogs. Type and temperament were refined and eventually the Weimaraner was converted from mainly a dear and bear hunter to a “fur and feathers” dog.

In 1928 a New England sportsman, Howard Knight, applied for membership into the German Club. Despite his promises to protect the purity of the breed, the club sent Knight two female Weimaraners, both spayed. Finally, in 1938, three females dogs and a puppy were sent to him. Others joined Knight in his efforts to breed the dogs and in 1942 the Weimaraner Club of America was formed and a standard was created for the breed. American Kennel Club recognition was applied for and the dogs began exhibitions in obedience. At the end of 1942, AKC recognition was granted and the breed had it’s coming out at Westminster in 1943. The dogs demonstrated skills in obedience, the field and in the show ring and quickly developed the reputation of the “wonder dogs”. President Eisenhower even brought his Weimaraner, Heidi, to live with him at the White House. "

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