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E-Collar Systems for Hunting Dogs

Shock Collars Or E Collars For Hunting Dogs- English Pointer- Photo By Ed HallIf you are lucky enough to obtain a dog that never uses an E-Collar, that is amazing and you should be very proud of that hunting partner. Some dogs are just naturally inclined to understand hunting and listening to their master never to know what an E-Collar is. For the most part though E-Collars are a necessary tool in Hunting Dog training. You may have to use them and you may not, but they effectively solve problems that come up during training. They are universal in a way because they are used in every step in training: basic obedience, behavioral issues, and advanced training lessons.

There are hundreds of different brands of remote training collars along with numerous manufacturers. I want to give you a list of our favorites and the top choices of our hunters, so that you understand this advice comes from experience. Choosing whats best for you, your dog, and your training should be something you diligently research and I hope this information helps with that process.

The absolute #1 choice of collars is the Tri-Tronics brand. We use these collars in our training everyday and we love them! They are popular because of four main reasons: affordability, durability, range variety, and superior quality. There are different products available from Tri-Tronics but our choice is the Sport G3 Basic Series. Also available in that series is the Combo and Upland collars. They are just as impressive! They all have waterproof collars and receivers, 1/2 mile - 2 mile ranges, rechargeable batteries, momentary/continuous shock, tone/vibrate mode, and one receiver can control numerous collars. We have never had any problems what so ever with these collars or receiver and I will be a faithful consumer of Tri-Tronics products.

The second best choice in brands, which many of our hunters use, is the Sport Dog collars. They are also great for use in all settings and durability as well. The pricing is just as affordable as the Tri-Tronics for the quality of the product and I have never heard any complaints about this brand. The top choices would be: SD-400(short range), SD-800(medium range), and the SD-2500(long range).

Another brand that is very popular is the Innotek systems. They are very well known and are probably a good E-Collar system, but honestly not one that I would personally recommend. We went through two sets of these collars and exchanged them for new ones before we switched to the Tri-Tronics system. We had problems with the durability of the receiver as well as the collars and I believe they are a good system for someone that doesn't hunt with the collars as much as we do. I would recommend them to someone for training in situations other than extreme hunting conditions.

In the end it would be a personal choice of the hunter what collar system would suit their situation and hopefully this little bit of information can help. I know many hunters, and a couple dealers, that recommend the Tri-Tronics and Sport Dog systems as their number one choice and it is ours as well.

Kelly Olson
Professional Gun Dog Breeder

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