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Featured Gun Dog Training Articles

Information and resource on training techniques for gun dogs including both pointing and retrieving dogs

Ecollar or Shock Collars For Dogs are a necessary tool for training hunting dogs.Pros and Cons to E-Collars for Dog Training

Learn the pros and cons of using e-collars and other technologies to train your dog for hunting purposes. 


Ecollar or Shock Collars For Dogs are a necessary tool for training hunting dogs.E-Collar Systems for Hunting Dogs 

For the most part though E-Collars are a necessary tool in Hunting Dog training. You may have to use them and you may not, but they effectively solve problems that come up during training.


 Lab Vs. Pointer - You Decide 2009Pointers Vs. Retreivers - The Age Old Debate

Staff Writter and Pro Breeder Kelly Olson discusses the differences between Labs and German Shorthaired pointers and trys to answer the question- "Which is better for upland hunting".  Take a poll and leave your comments on the subject!


Introducing Your Puppy To It's First HuntGeese and Guns -Introducing Your Puppy To Hunting

Introducing Tank the yellow lab puppy to his first goose hunt.  Kelly Olson Recounts the experience.  "I have no doubt as we continue his training and exposure to all hunting situations he will continue to excell. This was a day that we will remember forever and hopefully be blessed with many more to follow as Tank grows and learns."


Hunting Dog Training Made EasyBird Dog Training Made Easy

Over the past few years, I have trained a pile of dogs and I’ve bought a lot of training devices, too. The truth is, the average guy just wants a nice dog that he can hunt over and it shouldn’t cost a lot of money to get that dog or pup going.


Crate Training A PuppyCrate Training A New Puppy

Crate training a new puppy can be a challenging and stressful time. I would like to share some tips on potty training/crate training


Getting Your Bird Dog Ready For THe SeasonCatch & Release Bird Hunting

Tactics and tips for getting your dog ready for upland hunting season.  Professional dog trainer Ed Hall shares some of the tactics he uses in late summer to get his dogs ready for the upcoming season.


A dog is a 10+ year decision choose carefullyHow to Choose a Puppy From a Litter

Choosing A Puppy From A Litter Can Be HardPicking a puppy can be a scary ordeal. First and foremost, make sure you have a chance of getting a good one. Choose a breeder that has had more than one litter and knows his dogs and how the pups will turn out.


Training Your Kids To Help Train Your DogTraining Your Hunting Dogs and Kids

Setting Ground Rules For Your Childern When Playing With The Dog Can Make The Training Process Easier Down The Road Before you bring that new hunting pup home, there are a few things to go over with the wife and kids. This also includes the kids’ friends or any one who will be in contact with the puppy.


Training A Dog Not To BarkDog Training To Eliminating Barking

Professional dog breeder and dog trainer Ed Hall discusses different methods to train a dog or puppy to quit barking


Hunting Tips For Hot Weather HuntsHunting in Hot Weather for You and Your Dog

Hot Weather Pheasant Hunting For Your And Your DogHunting in hot weather can be hard on you, but it’s harder on your dog or dogs. I’ll cover you, first, because you are easier than your hunting dog that covers up to five times as much ground.


Lessons Learned From A Dogs First Retrieve

The bird came running back through the alfalfa; he was heading for the safety of the tall weeds in the CRP. It was the last day of the 2000 season; Tony was completing his first full season as my Bird Dog. He was a year old on September one, so he was old enough to learn the upland bird game.

 Hunting Dog Health- Keeping an eye on your hunting buddy

Hunting Dog Health Issues That Surprise

A dog can develop health issues so quickly that sometimes you might not notice it until it's to late. We have a female Lab that is prone to Uterine Infections, which is highly uncommon at her age, but it's happening. I hope that by reading this article you will understand the importance of keeping a close eye on the physical health of your pet. Even the smallest changes may be linked to a serious health concern.