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Upland Hunting Dog Information

Pheasant Hunting Dogs


For many die hard upland hunters watching a good dog work is almost as enjoyable then bagging a ringneck.  A well trained upland hunting dog is a invaluable tool for almost all types of upland hunting.  Not only is a good hunting dog able to locate more birds for you but after the shot a well trained retriever will allow you to collect many more birds then you would if hunting without a dog.    What breed is best for pheasant hunting?  That depends a lot on your hunting style, terrain and personal preference.  Click on the links below to learn more about upland hunting dogs.


Hunting Dog Pictures Hunting Dog Pictures
View and upload pictures of your favorite pheasant hunting dog.   The pictures in this gallery have been uploaded by the members of  Feel free to upload images of your hunting dog.

  Bird Dog Trials & Hunt Tests
Bird Dog Field trials are a great way to give the hunter and dog some off-season action. There is a field trial for almost every breed & ability - from puppy to seasoned professional - pointer or flusher.

Watch Videos On Dog Training Hunting Dog Training Videos
Learn more about trainging a hunting dog by viewing the videos on Gamebirdhunts.  From basic obediance training to advanced hunting dog training techniques for pointers and flushers our video section is a great place to start learning about dog training.