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Iowa pheasant hunting- Game bird hunts is your directory for pheasant hunting Iowa

Iowa hosts more than 250,000 hunters annually. These hunters make 3.5 million visits to Iowa's 340 public hunting areas. Iowa is known as a premier upland bird hunting destination in the midwest. Pheasants, quail, cottontail rabbits, and squirrels are Iowa's most popular upland game species. In addition to the public hunting areas, Iowa also offers a wide variety of hunting preserves.

Depending upon the hunter's needs, Iowa hunting preserves can provide a variety of services, including (but not limited to) prehunt clay shoots, experienced hunting guides, quality trained bird dogs (Retrievers and pointers), game processing/packaging, meals and lodging. Hunters desiring privacy, high quality hunting habitat, a variety of hunting conditions and an outstanding demonstration of dog work (many preserves do allow hunters to bring their own dogs) will enjoy Iowa's hunting preserves.

The state of Iowa offers excellent pheasant hunting opportunities and licensed hunting preserves provide hunters with an option of fast action in a relatively short time frame.

Iowa Featured Hunt Destination


Iowa Pheasant Hunting Preserves

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2767 260th St
Milford, IA 51351
Our habitat and hunting areas continue to increase, enabling larger and multiple hunting parties. Smaller hunts will be half-day hunts, either morning or afternoon. Larger hunts may book for the full day. We learned that different people expect different hunts. As a licensed hunting preserve, our hunting season for pheasant runs from September 1 to March 31. Hunting licenses are not available at the preserve. Many local businesses may sell them. The 880 hunting acres at OGF are broken into   Read more about Okoboji Game Farm LLC

Additional Iowa Pheasant Hunting Locations

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Bensink Farms Hunting Preserve
798 Highway G-40
Pleasantville, IA 50225

Bensink Farms Hunting preserve is located 30 miles south of Des Moines, Iowa. The Bensink Farm is an easy access and is located near many of the area’s best attractions. We offer one of the most natural settings in Iowa. The farm offers upland game bird hunting from the first of September until the last day in March. Challenge your skills with fast flying pheasants, quail and Chukar. We always strive to maintain a perfect habitat for our birds and h8nters alike. The services of a Hunting Guide and Bird Dog are available for $80 per ½ day or $160 for a full day. Hunting and fishing license can be purchase at Bensink Farm. 

Chase the Adventure Hunt & Gun Club
1838 Middle Calmar Rd.
Decorah, IA 52101 

Located in beautiful Winneshiek County, Chase the Adventure Hunt and Gun Club has evolved over the years on the Hogenson Farm. This working dairy farm has been in Hogenson family since 1853. The habitat has always attracted plenty of game birds for hunting for friends and relatives for five generations. The land has a lot of natural feed and cover including ponds and springs, wooded areas, and hillsides with native prairie grasses and brush, resulting in a natural migration of birds to the farm. In 1999 the farm became a state licensed hunting preserve. Our hunting season is from September 1 thru March 31. 

Doc's Hunt Club
29475 Prospect Circle
Adel, IA 50003

Doc’s Hunting Club is located just west of Des Moines, Iowa, with easy access to the Des Moines airport and Interstate’s 80 & 35.  Doc’s Hunt Club has offered the best in Pheasant, Quail and Chukar Hunting for more than 30-years. We offer full-service Pheasant, Chukar and Quail Hunting from Sept 1st – March 31st.  There is no bag limit on any Upland birds at Doc’s. The club sits on 500-acres of prairie grass, gently rolling hills and timber.  In addition to Pheasant Hunting the club is loaded with strong flying Quail and Chukar.  Bring a lot of extra shotgun shells.  You will need them on your Doc’s Pheasant Hunting experience! We offer top quality Hunting Guides and Pointing Dogs.   

Faeth's Fowl Play
2470 235th Street
Fort Madison, IA 52627

Established in 2002, we are located 6.5 miles west of Fort Madison, Iowa off of Highway 61. Faeth's Fowl Play is an upland hunting preserve consisting of 715 total acres of beautiful rolling plains, timber and marshes, 400 in preserve and 315 wild. We have established and maintained the ideal habitat for quail, pheasant and chukar which are now thriving here in the wild. Preserve Season in Iowa is September 1st through March 31st.  We are also offering Whitetail Deer hunting for muzzleloader and bow seasons in Iowa's best whitetail deer hunting area, Zone 6. We offer 5-day hunting packages which include accommodations for early season, pre-rut, rut, and post-rut whitetail hunts. Your trophy Whitetail buck is out there somewhere and is waiting for you at Faeth's Fowl Play!

Highland Hideaway Hunting
3127 160th St.
Riverside, Iowa  52327

We are located 1/4 of a mile east of Iowa 218. We offer some of Southeast Iowa's best pheasant & chukar hunting. With over 1100 acres of meticulously managed and maintained preserve hunting land available for you, You can be sure that you will have plenty of high quality, hard flying pheasants & chukars keeping you on your toes! At Highland Hideaway Hunting we have some of the best preserve land in the Midwest.  We have over 1100 acres of meticulously managed and maintained preserve hunting land available for your hunt.  You can be sure that you will have plenty of high quality pheasants & chukars that will be flying hard and keeping you on your toes!

Iowa Pheasants 'N More Hunting Lodge
1704 8th Ave.
Belle Plaine, IA 52208

We have pheasant and quail hunting on our preserve from September 1-March 31 with several hunting packages offered. You may hunt only pheasants, only quail, or a mixed bag. Our pheasants are Chinese Ringneck and have nice colors and are good flyers, and roosters and hens may be taken. Our 2000+ acres of CRP, agricultural land, wetlands, and ponds are located in the MISSISSIPPI FLYWAY. Grasses, switchgrass, and food plots draw and hold the wildlife, which includes turkey and deer with many trophies taken here. Our terrain varies from hills to flat ground. We've had many successful hunts and many repeat customers. Bring your own dogs or with advance notice we can hire a guide and dog for you.

Iowa Sure Shot Guide Service
838 N. 21st St.
Ft. Dodge,   IA 50501

Sureshot Guide Service is Northwest Iowa's First and Best Guide Service. Sureshot is an outfitter with over 50 years of experience which is purposely designed for hunters by hunters. We specialize in Upland and Waterfowl hunting for wild birds in wild conditions. Our Full time guides are available offering some of the finest pheasant hunting available in Northwest Iowa. We have a fresh leased hunting ground each day appropriate for the size of your hunt. We hunt cornfields, bean fields, groves, railroad tracks, dredge ditches, fence lines, road ditches, and terraces. Hunters are welcome on the farms and are treated with the utmost hospitality.

K-Bar-C Hunting Preserve
Box 168 
Davis City IA 50065

K-Bar-C Ranch is located at south central Iowa, Decatur Country. We have 900 acres of prime hunting habitat, huge Monster Bucks, plentiful Turkey, and Upland Game species that include Quail, Pheasant, and Chuckar. We offer species such as Whitetail deer, Turkey, and Fishing. Southeast Iowa offers the whitetail deer hunter the opportunity to bag the buck of a lifetime.  Many of the deer cruising the property will score between 160 and 190.Bow season, 1st and 2nd shotgun season, and late season. Muzzle loader; offer our guests the opportunity to hunt October through January. All out state whitetail and turkey licenses are available for a draw only, so contact us early so we can get you or your group in next season's draw.  Upland Game hunt licenses are available over the counter.

Lexington Hunt Club
2438 Highway 148
Bedford, Iowa  50833

Located in Southwest Iowa only 100 miles from Kansas City, Lexington Hunt Club where natural cover, food and weather provide ideal conditions for hatching and growth of the prized ring-neck pheasant and the elusive bobwhite quail. We have some of the best upland bird hunting in the Midwest! Some of the biggest whitetail deer in the Midwest roam our countryside. You have the option of hunting upland birds on your own, or hiring one of our expert bird guides for the day. The guide will supply hunting dogs and transportation to the field areas. You are also welcome to bring your own dog along to hunt these birds. We have been hosting upland bird hunters for about 20 years.  The goal of the Lexington Hunt Club is to provide our customers with an excellent hunt so they will want to return, and many do each year.

Oakview II Hunting Club
12726 Highway F70
West Runnells, IA 50237

Oak View II hunt club is located 14 miles southeast of Des Moines, Iowa, has 600+ acres of prime hunting ground. In addition, we carry an excellent stock of pheasants, chukar and quail, which you may choose to hunt. Find a unique opportunity for the avid hunter to enjoy premiere upland game bird hunting in Iowa. This is an excellent area for Iowa pheasant hunting; a major pheasant haven. Get access to prime hunting ground with an extended season from September through March each year. While access to good hunting ground becomes harder to find every year, you can be guaranteed easy access to private hunting grounds and may hunt as many pheasants, chukar and quail as you wish at Oak View II game bird hunting preserve. You will also enjoy an extended hunting season, from September 1st through March 31st, with no bag limits.

Okoboji Game Farm LLC
2767 260th St
Milford, IA 51351

Our habitat and hunting areas continue to increase, enabling larger and multiple hunting parties.  Smaller hunts will be half-day hunts, either morning or afternoon.  Larger hunts may book for the full day.  We learned that different people expect different hunts. As a licensed hunting preserve, our hunting season for pheasant runs from September 1 to March 31.  Hunting licenses are not available at the preserve.  Many local businesses may sell them. The 880 hunting acres at OGF are broken into two separate areas containing. Okoboji Game Farm, in conjunction with several local enthusiasts, has created a fun and sometimes challenging sporting clay range.  It is a 10-station course in a natural setting simulating actual hunting conditions.

Pheasant Haven of North Iowa
1485 110th St.
Kanawha, Iowa 50447

At Pheasant Haven of North Iowa, We've always had a lot of pheasants and done a lot of hunting with friends and relatives, since many of the farms around us have little cover left after the grain harvest. Ours has a lot of natural feed & cover, river and drainage ditch banks, gravel pits, wooded areas, hillsides with grass & brush resulting in a migration of birds to our farm. In 1996 we became a state licensed hunting preserve and added a neighboring farm (Total of approx. 600 acres). We seeded our pastures to prairie grass and started planting corn & sorghum plots for more cover and feed. Since the state requires that we replace the birds harvested, plus 20%, we add to the native population by releasing birds that have been raised on a farm that has 80 acres under high netting.

Safari Iowa Hunting Farms
3018 "O" Ave.
Parnell, IA 52325

With Safari Iowa Hunting Farms, All of   your shooting is not done in a group within a half hour period with a "bunch" of birds in the air all at once.  You'll hunt the whole day, harvest birds right along and probably not "limit-out" until the last portion of your day. You pay for full days of hunting and that is what you’ll get.  We guarantee as high a quality, successful and safe of a hunt as money can buy.  If you're not satisfied at Safari Iowa Hunting Farms we will refund every cent you have paid us. our Natural Bird Hunting is large, weedy fields with natural cover and Our bird counts are always high. you can bring your dogs with you or use ours.

Wild Feather Hunt Club & Inn
10088 W. 56th St. N.
Baxter, IA 50028

Our preserve is on 649 acres of our family farm. It is gently rolling hills, with creeks, ponds, grassy draws, corn and bean fields, and an abandoned railroad bed. There are some sorghum areas planted for extra winter cover. The land is naturally divided into three areas so you will always have over 200 acres to hunt on. When you make your reservation by phone or email you will tell us the day, time, the kind and number of birds you want to purchase. There is a minimum of four birds per person and they can be any combination. Hens may be shot and there is no limit on the number of birds that can be purchased.




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