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How to Choose a South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Guide

Choosing the right guide can be the difference between a successful South Dakota hunt and a long walk with your gunGuided pheasant hunts are perfect for those pheasant hunters who are looking to go on a safe and successful pheasant hunt with an experienced hunter. Guided pheasant hunts are a great option for both beginning and experienced hunters, as most hunters will attest that there is always something new to learn about the sport.

Guided pheasant hunts can be a lot of fun because it really does help to have an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Going on a guided hunt often increases the chance of a successful hunt, especially if the guide has a proven track record of success in the area.

Several private hunting lodges offer pheasant hunting packages that include guides. A pheasant hunting package might include lodging, food, hunting dogs, hunting guide assistance, and a planned pheasant hunt. Planned pheasant hunts may be in small groups of 2-3 or in larger groups of 5 to 20 or more people. Large guided groups of pheasant hunters can be exciting because of the social element, whereas smaller groups may be preferred for more individual interaction with the guide.

How Hunting Guides Can Help You on Your Hunt

Hunting guides are basically there to help you navigate through the terrain, to help you scope out pheasants in the terrain, help you out with equipment, and offer tips and advice. Hunting guides do not take much away from the individual element of hunting, as the hunter must still be able to spot and shoot their pheasants.

Hunting guides are not only there to help you find the best areas to hunt in, but they are also trained in safety. This will allow your hunting experience to be less stressful helps you to focus on the hunt. And hunting guides take some of the pressure off since you won’t have to do all the searching yourself.
Most guides do not actually shoot pheasants and are only there to help lead the hunters toward pheasant hiding and gathering spots. Another benefit is that many hunting guides bring along trained dogs. This is very helpful if you do not own a well-trained hunting dog, especially for late season hunting where trained dogs are particularly useful.

What to Look For In a Hunting Guide

Typically a hunting guide should have a lot of experience. Many pheasant hunting lodges in South Dakota have a staff of trained and experienced guides. Your choice of a guide should be based on the experience and knowledge of the guide. You may want to consider talking to other hunters who have previously worked with the guide that you are looking to work with. More importantly, you want a hunting guide with a proven track record of success in the area that you are going to hunt in.

Hunting guides should be highly organized and trained in safety. Organized guides should plan out hunts well in advance and help you prepare everything necessary in terms of equipment and other needs. Hunting guides are there to prevent surprises from happening, and adequate preparation is necessary to avoid surprises.

Experienced guides know how to search for game through various types of terrain. An experienced guide will know exactly where to look in the area you are hunting in. Typically they will have hunted in many previous seasons in the exact area you are hunting in. Guided hunts are recommended for the many benefits they offer, and because they are a lot of fun, but mostly because there’s no better feeling than accomplishing a successful hunt!