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Treborwolf Kennels
8400 Hill Road
Boise, ID 83714

Call Treborwolf Kennels208-713-8400

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Bob West, the founder of Treborwolf Kennels, has worked with dogs since the age of 6. Bob has owned and trained a variety of dog breeds over the last 50 years. In 1968, Bob chose to breed a specific breed, but being a true dog lover, he enjoys the company of any good dog. Over the many years, he has assisted hundreds of novices, in the training of their dogs. Through this experience, he has developed several unique dog products, which facilitate the ease in training a dog. The old adage, "Out of necessity, comes the mind of invention", was put into force.

To assist our prospective buyers, we have classified these unique products into two categories; General products, and products for the hunting dog. In addition to these products, Bob has written several manuscripts, which now are available to the general public; a "one of a kind" book on training a bird dog, called the Treborwolf Manual; a 50 page primer for the "new" or "expectant" dog owner; and finally a "name" book, containing over30,000 unique names; Bob will also reply to specific training problems via the internet.

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