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Box T Cowboys
22500 South Peyton Hwy
Colorado Springs, CO 22500

Call Box T Cowboys719-640-5126

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Box T Cowboys

At Box T, we have set aside thousands of acres for our upland hunting and guarantee each visit will be as exciting and different as the next. Because we manipulate and control the land through grazing, we are able to create and maintain hunting areas which replicate the natural environment these birds desire. Choose from creek bottoms, over-grown prairie, thick drainage slews, and manicured farm fields with uncut irrigation ditches and fence lines. We have also set aside specific areas for training your dogs, or if our normal hunt areas are open you may train there.


We are open September thru March and require advance notice for reservations. We encourage you to bring your own dogs, but if that is not an option we can arrange for a private guide and dogs with one days notice.

2011-2012 Upland Hunt Package
$650 - 5 Hunts (25 Pheasant, 35 Chukar or 50 Quail)

You may use these birds all in one day or spread them out through the season
Your guests may shoot your birds so long as you are present
Combinations of the above birds are also available!
Additional birds are: Pheasant $20, Chukar $15, and Quail $10

Price Per Hunt
$160/gun - 1/2 Day Hunt (3 hours)
Pheasant Package - 5 Pheasant
Chukar Package - 7 CHukar
Quail Package - 10 Quail
Combo Package - 3 Pheasant, 5 Quail
Additional Birds:
Pheasant: $25
Chukar: $20
Quail: $15

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